Justice for the Three Blind Mice

By: Matthew Pennington

The Arrest

When the officers showed up the Farmer's Wife, Betty, was still holding the knife. The farmer, Ben, had called them because she had cut off the Three Blind Mice's tails. The farmer had the mice as pets since he was a boy. The officers read Betty her right and told her she was under arrest for animal cruelty.

The Arraignment

Since Betty could not afford a lawyer, she was assigned a public defender. At the arraignment, the grand jury sent down the indictment that they would charge Betty with the misdemeanor of animal cruelty with no bail. Betty's lawyer tried to get her to plea guilty so he could do some plea bargaining but she was convinced she would get off. Next it was time to select the petit jury, the people who would decide Betty's fate.

The Trial

At the trial, the prosecution called the farmer to the stand as a witness.The farmer already told them that they didn't have to get a subpoena on him and he was willing to testify. His wife was hoping that he would say that he didn't see anything, but that would be committing perjury. The defendant didn't have any witnesses to call to the stand. The Judge announced that he was ready to announce the verdict. the Judge announced that Betty was convicted with animal abuse. Betty immediately appealed.