Lehman Library

Librarian- Carrie Bartsch & Library Technician- Pam Hamil


website: library1.hayscisd.net

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00-4:30

Phone Extensions:

Carrie Bartsch 7634

Pam Hamil 7633

Equipment Available

overhead projector

document cameras

vhs/dvd players

cd players


*ask about special equipment we might have it or can find it!

What else is available??

  • books
*we can pull books on a certain topic and place them on a cart for your classroom use
  • videos
  • databases

*we can teach lessons to your classes on how to access and use the databases

  • computers

* we have 3 computer labs in the library (please email to reserve)

*the floor lab has 24 computers

* the library lab has 26 computers

* the mini lab has 10 computers

  • 2 classroom/presentation rooms- Blue & Silver Rooms
  • Professional books



Check out ebooks and audio books on your device!

Log in is the same that you use to log in to your computer

Other reasons to see the library

  • technology lessons or ideas for integrating technology into your lesson
  • reset/create student windows log in
  • ideas for new apps and programs
  • to visit with the library staff!