Primary Talent Pool

A Wide Net of High Potential Learners

Elizabethtown Independent Schools

In an effort to nurture high potential students to the fullest, school level (classroom) services are provided in the area of high potential, while district level (pull-out) services teach thinking skills, giving students a foundation for analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in daily learning.

Common Service Delivery Methods

Other Services Offered- subject acceleration, consulting services, enrichment, etc.

Pull Out Services

Direct instruction of critical and creative thinking skills is the foundation of all Primary Talent Pool pull-out classes. Providing students with very challenging problems encourages perseverance and most importantly the development of a growth mindset. The differentiated lessons also allow the gifted resource teacher to collect evidence for potential gifted identifications when the student enters fourth grade.

Renee Lackey, Resource Tchr for PTP & Grades 4-5

Serves Helmwood Heights Elementary and Morningside Elementary

Primary Talent Pool Units for Pull-Out Lessons

  1. Visual Spatial Logic - Tangrams, Pentaminoes, Optical Illusions
  2. Analogies - Figural and Word
  3. Venn Diagrams - Properties, Venn Perplexors
  4. Logic Elimination - Pictures, Situational, Matrix
  5. Creative Thinking - What If, Storytelling, Inventions

Primary Education Thinking Skills (P.E.T.S)

Produced by Pieces of Learning, this four book set is designed for grades K-3. Each grade level book contains thinking lessons in four areas:

  • Convergent Thinking
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Evaluative Thinking
  • Visual Thinking
Pieces of Learning PETS

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