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Week Ending October 30th

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I would like to give a shout out to the Gardening Club...The front of MTES looks unbelievably festive! It gives a welcoming feeling to all entering our doors. ~ Ms. Moutis

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Shout out to the 101 Dalmatian crew-Thanks for a great Halloween! ~Tiffany

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Stay Connected

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How Did Edcamp Begin?

Edcamps are free, participatory events organized by educators for educators. Attendees collaboratively determine the schedule of sessions on the morning of the event. The first Edcamp was organized by a group of educators in September 2009 at BarCamp Philly, an unconference focused on technology. After experiencing the passion, sharing, and excitement that surrounded that event, we wanted to develop a similar learning model for teachers and administrators.

Over the next few months, communicating through virtual dialogue and several Skype meetings, they hammered out a vision of Edcamps. Operating on a shoestring budget, they advertised their first Edcamp event through Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, and blogs. Within a few months, more than 100 people had signed up to attend.

On an unseasonably cool morning in May 2010, lots of educators arrived at the Philadelphia location, collaboratively built a schedule of sessions related to their interests, and talked. And talked. And talked. Several of the sessions focused on best practices, a few shared successful lessons, and others explored Web 2.0 tools. Overall, it was a positive, interactive day.

Most sessions are informal conversations or demonstrations. It's common for many different people to take the floor during an event to share an idea, show student work on their laptop, or ask questions. In short, the experience is closer to a vibrant summer camp than a routine day of conference sessions.

The Edcamp day ends with a "Smackdown," during which any willing participant takes the floor for 30 seconds to share an idea, tool, or tip with the crowd. There's typically music, laughing, and cheering as folks try to condense their learning into such a small time frame.

Although Edcamps are not specifically about technology, many teachers who run and attend Edcamps are comfortable with it. So although technology is not a required part of the model, it certainly helps spread and capture the learning of the day.

Stay tuned MTSD Staff - March 16th #MTSDEDCAMP is coming!

Fall Fun Recipes

New Teachers Tips


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#ditchHW - 10pm-11pm Thursday Nights

#EdTherapy - The most Positive Education on Twitter Chat 9-10 PM Thursday Nights (BiWeekly) - Chat focuses on an array of Topics and educators connect to discuss solutions

#BFC530 - The breakfast club - 5:30 am daily - chat has one question for teachers and leaders to start the day positively

#ResilienceChat - Monday Nights 10-11 PM - Chat that focuses on resilience in schools and beyond

#TLAP - 9-10 PM Monday Nights (Innovative Teaching)

#satchat - 7:30 - 8:30 AM Saturday Mornings

#NJED - 8:30 - 9:30 PM Tuesday Nights (New Jersey Educators Chat)

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Nov. 7 Election Day

Nov. 13 - Parent Climate Meeting 10 am & 5 pm in MTES

Nov. 13 - 6:30 pm BOE meeting in the MTES Library

Nov. 16 - American Education Day

Nov. 16 Staff Climate Meeting 7:30am & 3:45 pm in MTES

Nov. 16 - Student Climate Meeting 2:15 pm in MTES Library

Nov. 22 - Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 23 - Thanksgiving

Nov. 24 - No School

Nov. 27 Diversity Committee Meeting 10am and 5pm in MTES

Nov. 28 - MTSD "Ditch that Homework" Book Club 7:30 am in JHES Library

Nov. 28 - MTSD "Ditch that Homework" Book Club 3:45 pm in MTES Library

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Mansfield Mindfulness

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“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.”