Violent VideoGames Harmful to Kids?

Here Is why I think they should be for teens and up:

violent videogames are bad for kids, most people say.

People all over the globe think that videogames are violent, and make people violent and crazy. most of them have been banned all across the globe, ranging from Call of Duty to Pokemon. But I am here to resolve this problem...... and this is what i have found

fact #1: Violence Rates of Children Are Actually Decreasing

Studies have shown that, in fact, the bullying and jail time rates have decreased over 30% in the last 10 years. These studies have also proven that children have lower stress and anxiety levels after playing these games.

Kids Just Want Something More Exiting!

Most Teens Feel Mature Enough.

Most kids have already played all these rated E,E10+, and T rated games, and are looking for something different. And after their parents buy it for them, they run into five types of people: immature adults, little kids under ten, mature adults, immature teens, and like the majority, MATURE TEENS. It is a way that Teens can be more social, outgoing, better at problem solving, and having a good time with their friends!

I Hope that this was convincing enough for what you have just read.