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What Is Nearpod?

Nearpod is an interactive digital presentation and assessment tool. A teacher shares a unique Pin (sign in code) with the class. This gives the user(s) access to the specific presentation/lecture/lesson. Now, all devices are synced! The teacher 'drives' the lesson by advancing slides while the student has the freedom to interact with the content on each slide as it's displayed. It is also nice to put the content directly into the hands of each student - no matter the seating location within the classroom.

Teachers can host assessments in real time using the same process. As students begin to answer in a safe, private manner, the results are automatically displayed to the teacher's device. The teacher has the option to share results (with names removed) so that deeper discussion can occur among the group.

Get engaged with Nearpod!

Features of Nearpod

  • Teachers can use Nearpod to share content with their students and to manage the flow of a lesson.
  • Students use Nearpod on their devices to receive multimedia content and to participate in engaging assessment and collaboration activities.

Nearpod may be a tool for you if you want:

  • Seamless delivery of instruction and assessment
  • The ability to instantly view and share student work samples anonymously
  • To create multimedia presentations with a variety of interactive features and assessment tools, such as polls, quizzes, and more
  • Access post-session data and obtain detailed activity reports

First Steps First...Getting Started by Creating An Account

Create an account using the link emailed to you (if you electronically signed in when entering today's session) or if you did not electronically log in to the session today, please go to

You are allowed 50 MB of space on Nearpod for free.

After You Have Created An Account - Creating a Presentation

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Launching Your Presentation

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Nearpod "Homework" Feature

Nearpod has the ability, in the "Gold" or paid version, to share the Nearpod before/after the live session as a link or embed. Nearpod calls this “Homework” and it is a nice feature for students who are gone the day of the live session. Click here for an example

What Students Think About Nearpod

"I like Nearpod because I like how you can show your work on the screen and you can also see other people's examples."

"I like Nearpod because it helps to learn a lesson on your one screen."

"I like Nearpod because you can explain and write your answers on it and we can have a discussion about it."

"I like Nearpod because I like drawing out our work and getting some people's work featured in a sense because it shows people from my ages perspective."

"I like using nearpod, because it gives us a chance to actually SEE other people's

work without having to cheat."

"Nearpod is visual and hands on so i like that."

"I like using Nearpod because it is fun getting to use the Ipads and actually getting to write. Also it's cool to see other's mistakes and how they got their answer."

"Using nearpod is good because it lets us be a little more tactile with learning."