Aren't they wickedly cute?

Numbats are amazing animals!

The Numbat is a small, carnivorous species found in West Australia. Numbats have a diet comprised of solely termites. Numbats can be easily recognized by it's reddish brown fur that fades into white and black stripes at the back for camouflage. Add that to their long, furry tails, and it is very hard to mistake the Numbat for any other species. Part of what makes this animal so special is the fact that it is the only Australian mammal that is active solely in the day. However, these animals are greatly endangered and there are only an estimated 1,000 left in the wild. (NFF), (NUM), (NS)

More about the Numbat

Numbats live in dead logs in eucalyptus forests and woodlands. They feed on termites that live in dead logs, and the occasional ant that they swipe up with their long, sticky tongues. Their unique coloring has helped them blend into their surroundings. Numbats are one of the many marsupial species in Australia, and are the only member of the family Myrmecobiidae. (NFF), (NUM)

Why are they endangered?

Why should we care?

Numbats are unique and helpful

The Numbat is the only Australian mammal that is only active during the day, and it's always a pleasant surprise for tourists to see a Numbat out during the day. Numbats are also great termite eaters, and help keep the termite population in Australia down. Also, the Numbats is a very unique species, what with it's unusual looks and behavior. Why shouldn't we preserve such an unique and useful creature? (NFF), (NH)

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