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October Newsletter

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SLED Chief Mark Keel Visits The Citadel First Responders Club

SLED Chief Mark Keel has enjoyed a lifelong commitment to working hard in the Criminal Justice System.

He started in his hometown of Barnwell, SC volunteering with the local fire department, and eventually began the first medical rescue team in that county.

From these humble beginnings, he then worked as a police officer in small municipalities and eventually gained a position at SLED. During his time at SLED, he worked with various undercover units, bloodhound tracking units, commanded a few SWAT teams, and worked with their aviation units.

He realized his dream of becoming Chief of SLED, but he knew he would need to go to law school in order to achieve this goal. He told us of his determination to go to UofSC law school while still working full time, explaining that "you can do anything with the right plan - if you want it bad enough".

Chief Keel also made a point to remind us that he does NOT tolerate dishonesty - no exceptions.

Why? He explained that Law Enforcement officers have the ability to take away individuals' basic rights, and with that authority, they must be held to a very high standard.

Chief Keel explained how honored he was to be invited to speak at The Citadel, and how he is always pleased to hear when SLED hires a Citadel grad.

He wanted each of you to know about SLED's internship programs, especially the Lowcountry opportunities. See links below for more information...

SLED Internship Info

SLED - South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

SLED Headquarters 4400 Broad River Road Columbia, SC 29210 Phone: 803.737.9000

Deadline for Spring is Nov 30th

Ryan Neill SLED Lowcountry Region

What’s Up For Next Meeting?

Come Meet Buster - the $15M Drug Detector!

For our next meeting on Tues 10/11, North Charleston PD's Street Crimes Narcotics Unit will describe the emerging trends they have seen in the streets concerning drugs and gangs.

Recognizing the signs & symptoms of drug use, as well as knowing the trends, will be of great importance to our students pursuing careers in law enforcement, EMS, & fire rescue.

Plus you can meet Buster, their star drug detection dog!

Let's make it a good turnout!

Next Meeting: North Charleston Police Department Street Crimes Bureau

Tuesday, Oct. 11th, 6:30-8pm

Jenkins Hall Auditorium

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

It's "Mr. Buster" to everyone else...

Officer Garrison and Buster got more than $15 million worth of illegal narcotics off the streets in 2021.

What a good boy!

Pay Club Dues

$20 to "First Responders Club Dues"

CPR/AED/1st Aid training

We are still working on securing dates and instructors for this training for our club members.

To be eligible for CPR/AED/1st Aid training, you must be a dues paying member of the First Responders Club.

Please let us know ASAP if you need this training!

Contact First Responders Club Officers:

Gavin Bond ( or George Poleski (

Please Pay Your Club Dues!

To pay dues, please remit $20 to "First Responders Club Dues" at the following site:

Even if you do not need training, paying the dues will help the club achieve its goal of providing a basic life support team to the Citadel community. Plus it will help us get T-shirts, and/or badges...don't skimp out on our badges!

Education: Tourniquet Usage Tips

SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 Arm & Leg Application Techniques

Samantha Sonnett, a 17-year police officer and veteran of one of the largest police departments in the country, teaches application techniques of the SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 to the arm and leg. This is a user-level video teaching basic tourniquet application and also provides some real-world tips & tricks from one of the most experienced instructors of the SOF® Tourniquet.

Mark Your Calendars for Friday Nov 11th - Dorchester Regional EMS Conference

Join us for a great day of education, networking and fun! Follow this link to get more info about this FREE event!

Free Training Opportunity - Greenville SC - Oct 24th

Location: Upstate Region Procedural Lab, Greenville, SC

Date: Oct 24, 2022

The procedural lab program is designed to provide the unique opportunity for healthcare providers to understand and practice various procedures utilizing cadaveric specimens, simulation, alternative training materials and didactic information. The labs are structured utilizing a layered educational approach that is conducive to adult learning. A typical lab is formatted to take the attendee through a variety of stations covering relevant indications, contraindications, complications and familiarization with medical procedures and technique.

This experience allows clinicians a hands-on opportunity to practice advanced procedures in a safe, realistic environment. These programs help overcome apprehension and build confidence, and can be incredibly impactful in changing practice.

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