Sherwood Schools: District Updates

May 7, 2021

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Spectator Guidance and End-of-Year Events in the Sherwood School District

With the end of the 2020-21 school year approaching, our schools are working diligently to plan end-of-year events, such as promotions and graduation. Similar to last year, this planning is being done against the backdrop of COVID-related guidance and restrictions, making the need for flexibility and “thinking outside the box” more important than ever. Events in our district will be influenced by the state-level guidance for spectator capacity, which currently stands as follows:

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Today, Washington County is in the High Risk category. In order to complete planning in the limited amount of time left before these events occur, Sherwood schools will plan for events under the high risk capacity guidance. Our schools will also prepare plans to take advantage of additional flexibilities should the county move to the Moderate Risk category in the coming weeks.

We know that our families and community members are particularly interested in the plans at Sherwood High School for this year’s senior graduation ceremony. Earlier today, the high school shared that information in a video with families, which can be found here. The highlights of the current plans are:

  • SHS will be hosting five separate, traditional graduation ceremonies on Friday, June 11th. Times are to be determined, but will be spread throughout the day (likely two in the morning and three in the afternoon).

  • Students/families will be asked to sign up for their preferred ceremony time.

  • Ceremony size will be approximately eighty graduates and under the current risk category will allow for four spectators per graduate. If Washington County moves into the Moderate Risk category, the high school may be able to accommodate additional spectators.

  • The sign-up for graduation ceremonies will be sent out the last week of May.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as our schools move forward with planning aligned with spectator guidance. Please watch for additional details from your student’s school about all upcoming events.

Face Coverings for Spectators at Outdoor Events

In accordance with current state guidance, and to ensure the safety of our spectators/guests while attending outdoor events, our district will continue to require all spectators/guests at our outdoor facilities to wear face coverings. This aligns with the practices of the majority of our neighboring school districts. In accordance with the guidance, only players practicing and competing in non-contact sports (cross country, track, tennis, golf, swimming, and no-contact cheer/dance/drill) are allowed to be at the facility without a mask. We will continue to monitor the guidance from OHA and OSAA, and adjust our policies accordingly with any future changes in guidance.

Cloud Campus Survey for Fall 2021

The Sherwood School District is exploring the possibility of offering the Sherwood Cloud Campus to students and families who wish to continue their education in a fully online format. To best serve students' needs, we need to determine the number of families interested in this format, as well as which features of a Cloud Campus option are important to you. To provide us with this feedback, please complete the survey linked below if your family may have an interest in a Cloud Campus option next year.

While the details of the next version of the Cloud Campus are not yet finalized, there are a few things we want you to know before filling out this survey:

  • The District is planning on all schools being open for full-time, every day, in-person instruction next year.

  • Students will be required to enroll in either the Cloud Campus or in-person instructional models before the start of the new school year. Hybrid options (part-time in-person and part-time in Cloud Campus) will likely not be an option next year.

  • For the elementary level, a potential Cloud Campus would most likely be connected to one elementary school; therefore, Cloud Campus students may be enrolled in a school outside of their home school attendance boundary.

  • Elementary students who are in the Cloud Campus are able to participate in sports, activities, and other events at the school designated for Cloud Campus enrollment.

  • Middle School and High School students who are in the Cloud Campus are able to participate in sports, activities, and other events at Sherwood Middle School and Sherwood High school, respectively.

  • Students at the secondary level enrolled in the Cloud Campus will have limited course selections, including core classes and limited electives.

  • Cloud Campus classes will be generally self-contained (not intermixed with students attending in-person), with all participating students attending online.

  • Students may or may not have the ability to switch between in-person and online learning during the school year, based on school capacity and other factors. If students are able to switch between models, these transitions will be made only at predetermined dates (such as the end of grading periods at the secondary level or at natural breaks in the school year at the elementary level). If able to be accommodated, at the elementary level Cloud Campus students returning to in-person instruction will return to their home school as per attendance boundaries.

The following survey is informational only, and does not require a commitment at this time to either Cloud or in-person instruction for next year.

Click here to access the survey. Please complete this survey by midnight on Wednesday, May 12th.

Free School Lunches for All Students - Extended Through 2021-22 School Year

Recently, the US Department of Agriculture announced that school lunches will continue to be served to all children free of charge through the duration of the 2021-22 school year. Many of our students still have remaining balances in their lunch accounts that were paid prior to the closure of schools in March 2020, and with the announcement that these funds will not be needed in the upcoming school year, we want to provide families with an opportunity to have those balances refunded if they prefer to do so. Funds not refunded will remain on the student’s lunch account and roll over for the 2022-23 school year

To receive a refund, please complete and submit a Fee Refund Request form. If you have more than one student in our district, you will need to complete the form separately for each student. Please allow up to 4 weeks to process your refund. If you do not request a refund, any balance will be left in the student’s account and available for the next school year.

If you have questions or need assistance determining if your student has a remaining balance in their lunch account, please contact our Nutrition Services Department at 503-825-5043.

2021-22 Academic Calendar

The 2021-22 Academic Calendar is now available on our website, and can be viewed here.