Animals aren't worth a life.

Hunt safe or go home

Research questions

  1. Do people use hunting safety?

  2. Should there be hunting safety?

  3. What is hunting safety?

  4. Why hunting safety?

  5. What are some effects without hunting safety?

Summary of Research

Hunting safety is something that all hunters need to use because, it can cause death or serious injury. Hunters who wear hunters orange are seven times less likely to be shot. Over the past ten years not one person that was wearing orange was mistaken for a game. New York states “hunter orange prevents other hunters from mistaking a person for an animal, or shooting in your direction.” If you lose your emotions you may do something carelessly. If you just shot a target or a animal you may be excited. At that moment you may turn to your friends or you might run with your firearm off safety. Texas states “never swing your gun or bow out of your safe zone of fire.”


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