Sammy Davis Junior

Sammy's life

Do you know who Sammy Davis Junior is? Have you ever heard of him? Sammy fought for his right as a African Jew. And he also refused to preform i separated audiences (Blacks on one side Whites on the other). Sammy Also did a lot of good things in his life and a lot of bad chooses to.

Sammy Davis Juniors life

Sammy Davis Junior was born December 8, 1925 in NYC. He first started acting when he was three years old his Father was Actor and his Mother was actress. Then in 1954 he almost died in a car accident the shattered his skull and ruined his left eye. While he was in the hospital he talk to a Jewish man and both had similar believes and he became Jewish and shortly after he married a Swedish white actress even thought different colored skins marrying each other was illegal in 31 states he did it anyway. Later in the 1960's he made a group called the "Rat Pack" that made him and his 4 other people famous. He had been smoking all of his life then in May 16 1990 died because of throat cancer.

Sammy Davis Junior's Accomplishments

Sammy Davis Junior Had a lot of life accomplishments for example he marched with Martin Lutheran King Junior For his black rights in 1964, He worked with his dad until he went of to the army and performed for the soldiers then came back and started back up the show business then went solo made his own show and got two albums. He was also the biggest star on Broadway because he was in "Mr. Wonderful" and "Golden Boy". Then later In his life he made a film called "Porgy and Bess"

Sammy Davis Junior's Influences

Sammy Davis Junior changed how people do business. He was so good people wanted him to play at their theater but wouldn't perform in separated audiences because he fought for his black rights. And if he performed in a theater that was separated audiences he wouldn't be fighting for his black rights.