Agriculture Across the World:Turkey

By: Tristan Chirunga

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What is Agriculture?

Country information


Population: 74 million

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Poverty: 17% below poverty line

Education level: 94%

Average Household income: 6,772

Average Household size: 3

Religious Beliefs: 99.0% Muslim

Öko-Garantie GmbH (BCS)

BCS certifies as many as 450,000 farmers and more than 1,000 processing businesses involved in import and export. Many of market leaders in Turkey are certified by BCS.

Bio Inspecta

Bio Inspecta's purpose is to control the preparation of agricultural products to make sure they are safe for consumption. Farmers and buisnesses can also get their certifications from Bio Inspecta.


Ceres is much like Bio Inspecta. CERES offers inspections and certifications in organic farming. CERES also certifies food processors, textile companies, and bio-fuel production.

Animal Rights/ Welfare Issues


HAYTAP is an animal rights federation in Turkey. HAYTAP's main concern is to change the laws regarding animal cruelty. In Turkey, animal cruelty is only a misdemeanor . HAYTAP claims to be the largest and most organized animal rights organization in Turkey. HAYTAP uses tactics that are much like PETA's, with vulgar posters and violent displays or demonstrations such as: self-branding.

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Agriculture in Turkey

Because of the climate in Turkey, mainly cereal products are grown for consumption such as; wheat, barley, oats, rye, millet, maize, and rice. As a result of the agriculture, Turkey has become one of the top ten producers in the world. The major industrial crops that are produced are: cotton, tobacco, and sugar beets.