News for February 8, 2016

Lab & Classroom Schedule

The LMC Reservations Calendar is best viewed in Google, but a smaller version of the calendar may also be viewed in Edline here.

February 8-12 visitors include:

  • Consumer Education with Ms. Arias
  • GACME Club
  • Regional Speech Team
  • SIP Team

Note: Pins & Needles Club will return on Feb. 23.

If your plans have changed, please send an email A.S.A.P. Thank you.

Please dial 4115 to reach the staff member at the LMC's circulation desk to look for students, ask for passes, or request books.

Presidents' Day Reading

Justin Wm. Moyer's article "44 Presidents, 43 Biographies, One Surprising Take-Away" in the Washington Post features dedicated readers who have set a goal to read one biography about each president. The real challenge comes in deciding which biography to read among dozens for some presidents or tracking down obscure volumes about others. It's a reward in retirement for some readers, while for others it's a life-long pursuit.

Books about U.S. Presidents are on display in the LMC and available through eRead Illinois for your device.

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February 8 is the final day to report our pages

The Week Three Captain's Form will be live on the LMC Edline page on Monday morning until noon. This week's prizes focus on teams and individuals' reading over the three weeks combined. Final prizes awarded Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Rochelle Rotary Club sponsors our annual reading challenge, donating $1,000 to purchase new books for the LMC. Thank you for reading!

2016 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults

"Focusing on the life of Daniel Ellsberg, Sheinkin offers a fascinating portrait of a brilliant, idealistic man and his decision to leak the Pentagon Papers, revealing unsavory government secrets about America's involvement in Vietnam. A product of the Cold War, Ellsberg was intrigued by questions of risk and crisis decision making, leading to his career as a think-tank analyst and eventual role as government whistle-blower...Ellsberg's time spent with patrols in Vietnam is particularly well written, relaying the palpable atmosphere of hopeless ambiguity that strongly influenced Ellsberg's decisions. Sheinkin's extensive research includes black-and-white period photographs and author interviews with Ellsberg and his wife. Most Dangerous is thorough and challenging, and readers are left to determine whether Ellsberg...is a hero or a traitor. Powerful and thought-provoking."--Kara Dean, Booklist

YALSA is the Young Adult Library Services Association.
Librarian: www.someecards.com
Lincoln: www.weknowmemes.com
Book covers: Follett Destiny Catalog