Christmas Light Webquest

The Taris Jackson

If I remove one light bulb from the parallel circuit then the other two should still be lit up.

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As you can see all of them are lit up nice and there are no problems. But when I removed a light bulb the other two still lit up.

Now you will see a series circuit.

If I take a bulb out of a series circuit then the others should light up.
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Here is a picture of a regular series circuit

But when you take a bulb out the others don't light up so my hypothesis was stated incorrect.
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Above you can see the data table that I created to show my results of the experiment.


In conclusion only one of my hypothesis was stated true. But I learned more about the way that electricity moves and light. So a parallel circuit can support more bulbs when one is broken. And a series circuit can not support more bulbs. So if I were you I would choose Christmas lights that use a parallel circuit if I were you.