Ciana Julye

The Boston Tea Party

The Starting Of The Boston Tea Party

In December 16,1773 is when a lot of people through tea off a boat in Boston, Massachusetts. Colonist were mad that the taxes went up! Everybody got mad because they couldn't afford tea. The Sons Of Liberty and Daughters Of Liberty protested the tea, and boycott the tea

The Middle Of The Tea Party

As the Tea Party begin, the Sons of Liberty went on the boat that the king let in. They dressed like Native Americans, and dumped 342 chest in the ocean. They wanted to pay for the broken locks because they didn't want the king calling them stealers they wanted the whole thing on the tea. The king was very mad because that was a lot of expensive tea thrown In the ocean.

After The Tea Party

After the Tea Party the king put major taxes on them. He passed the "Corercive Acts ",and that meant the colonist had to always follow England's laws. The colonist didn't like it. The king also didn't let any boats export or import. This means that they couldn't get tea from other colonies. The colonist also didn't have anyone to represent them.