Leila P. Cowart Elementary

Panthers Heroes are Spooktacular

Panther heroes, thank you for another week of spooktacular teaching and for continuing to go above and beyond your call of duty to serve our little pumpkins! We hope that you enjoyed bring tricked and treated last Thursday! We also hope that you enjoyed your much deserved off day!

Again, thanks to your diligence, our first RtI data meetings went smoothly. Cowart Hero Headquarters will have a busy week starting Monday with New Teacher Support Team, on Wednesday we will be attired in our Hispanic Heritage outfits, and on Thursday we will be meeting our heroic parents during parent teacher, make sure your cape is ready for flying and a bionic week!!

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What to do when scheduling conferences

  • Each conference should last between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Keep accurate records of conferences, communications, and attempts to conference.
  • Bilingual aides should be available to translate.
  • All teachers must verify that parents are enrolled in Parent Portal, if not, parents must complete the Parent Portal registration form before they leave. Paper forms will be provided for each teacher. Return the completed forms to the main office at the end of the day.
  • All teachers should verify that parents completed the Socio Economic Survey, if not, parents must complete the Socio Economic survey before they leave (more information will be provided by Ms. Rodriguez)

Suggestions for making conferencing successful

Make a schedule and stay with it as much as possible. Post the schedule in the hall. Use a timer, if possible.

  • Have adult sized chairs for parents to sit in during the conference.
  • Have chairs available in the hall for parents who arrive early.
  • Begin the conference with a friendly and relaxed greeting. Make the parent feel comfortable and welcome. Begin and end the conference with something positive.
  • Have a generic written agenda ready before the first conference. This way, if you get sidetracked, you can get back on track quickly. It will be completed in part before the conference, and parent concerns completed at the time of the conference.
  • Make specific constructive suggestions for improvement in areas.
    • Have work samples available.
    • Discuss tardies and attendance if these are issues.
    • Reading is, of course, a hot issue.
    • Be prepared to suggest ways parents can assist at home.
  • Parents need to understand the need for passing the required test(s).
  • Encourage parents to sign up to be volunteers in the school.
  • Listen to parents’ concerns. Be a good listener.
  • Thank the parent for attending and let them know when you are available for follow-up conferences if necessary.

Checklist for holding positive/productive conferences

  • Start with introductions and the student’s strengths.
  • State a clear purpose for the meeting.
  • If meeting with other team members, keep your information brief to allow time for everyone to talk.
  • Invite input/questions from the parent.
  • Identify GOALS to work toward.
  • Devise a plan of action and detail each person’s responsibility.
  • Give tips to the parents on how they can help at home.
  • Invite the parent/student as much as possible.
  • Document the date, time and purpose of conference.
  • Follow up with feedback for the parent.
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Bond Compliance Video

All staff members are required to view the Bond Compliance Video and take the short quiz at the end. If you have not done this already use the link below to access the video. You must print and submit your certificate to Ms. Martinez no later than Tuesday, October 12, 2015 by 9:00am.

  • Required viewing of video, “Guide to complying with state law during a bond election.”
  • Log in to with your EAD user name and password to access the video.
  • View the complete video and take the short quiz.
  • Download your certificate and turn in to your supervisor.