Mrs. Barthuly's Class News

JANUARY 15, 2016

Classroom Happenings

Hi All--

We had an amazing week!! We have all been focusing greatly on growing our GROWTH MINDSETS!! It is so cool to overhear conversations with students and have someone say "hey that is a fixed mindset". So proud of all of them!


Teacher vs. CLASS:

Sometime last quarter I started a class behavior incentive program! Each day the students compete against me to earn points toward a class reward!~ We pick the reward as a class and the students earn points for good behavior as a group! They can earn points for such things as earning a 5 in specials classes, being active listeners during instruction, working independently in a respectful way as well as many other things! I earn points when as a class they are not attentive listeners, loud or rowdy transitions, trouble working quietly among other things! Each day if the students have the most points they earn 10 points toward their 100 point goal! If I have more points at the end of the day they do not earn their 10 points! The students have really responded to this and are very excited for their next reward- Pizza lunch and a short movie! They are currently at 80 points!! I will keep you posted!


Mind Maps:

I want to thank you all for helping your students with their Mind Maps this week. We will be using these to create goals for the upcoming weeks. I know that adding more to your homework plate can be a pain but I felt strongly that it would be good for the kiddos to make their home goals with you! Thanks again they look so good!

Math Homework on iPad:

Well, we survived the first week of math homework online!! Way to go! The students did great with this! I know that we had some glitches here and there but the students were great about coming and asking for help when needed! I know there is going to be problems here and there considering we are dealing with technology! Please just remind your students to let me know about the problem and I will try my best to help them get their issue resolved! ALSO, I wanted to let you know that you can quickly check your child's grade on their Canvas page. The students now know how to check their grades and read my comments for each assignment!~ If you are interested, ask your child to show you!! I have been trying to grade the assignments quickly so that I can give feedback in a timely manner!


Part of our science curriculum for third graders is learning and understanding the Scientific Method! This week we began to investigate and learn the different steps to the scientific method! On Thursday, we worked through the steps by completing an experiment with Pop Rocks, balloons, and soda!! Ask your child about the fun we had and what we learned from our observations!!

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Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind


Monday-Jan. 18- NO SCHOOL/MLK Observance

Tuesday- Jan. 19-

  • Specials: Art
  • Homework: Reading Log, Math, Fact Practice

Wednesday- Jan. 20- EARLY RELEASE @2:55

  • Specials: Music
  • Homework : Reading Log, Math, Fact Practice

Thursday- Jan. 21-

  • Specials: P.E.-- DON'T FORGET SHOES
  • Homework: Reading log, Math, Fact Practice

Friday-Jan. 22-

  • Homework: Reading log