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Grace (Grass) Hess- at a glance

I live in Flower Mound Texas, and as you know, attend Flower Mound High School. I go to a morning class for church called seminary, and my Mormon friend group is called Ohana. I am allergic to 72-ish allergens ranging from food to specific types of grass. Speaking of grass, that is my nickname to many of my friends. Last year my name was misspelled in the year book as grass, and it has stuck. I and many of my friends find this nick-name quite ironic because i am allergic to many different types of grass. I am also a part of the FMHS Treble Choir and will be participating in Jag Chorale and Varsity Women's Choir next year.
My Feminist Blog

This is where I vent/write about feminist issues that many women and men face today.

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This year in UIL I had a solo in the song, "Will Ye Go Lassie, Go?". I got to perform it twice, once for families ad once for the real UIL. I was honored to be given such a great responsibility since I had auditioned against many who have been in choir before while this was only my first year. To my surprise, I was chosen by Doc to sing the solo and I had a great time performing it. Because of my solo, I got the "Most Outstanding Singer in Treble Choir" award. All of these wonderful events convinced me to continue on in choir, and I will be in Jag Chorale, the highest choir, and a new choir called Varsity Women's choir next year.
Holy Crap: My Freshman Year

Welcome to my Freshman year :)

Best and Worst Moments of Freshman Year

My worst moment was seminary, and my best moment was choir auditions. Enjoy!