Get outside and play baseball!

By:Joshua Gutierrez

Stop sticking around inside and go outside and have fun playing baseball. With baseball starting you will need to know how to get ready for baseball, how to play, and some other facts. If you like baseball and want to know some things read on. This will really help you with baseball. After you read this you will want to play baseball. So get comfy and read on.

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Have you ever wanted to hit, pitch, and run? Well its you’re chance to. You also want to throw a ball with lases? Have you ever wanted to be a pitcher who throws the ball to try and get three strikes to get the batter out and tries to not get four balls to walk the batter? You have a team so when a team gets three outs the team that was fielding goes to bat and the team who was batting goes to field. For safety you wear a helmet when you are batting and hit with a metal bat.


Baseball has been played for a while because it has been our country’s National pastime for well over 100 years. If you like baseball as much as Alexander J Cartwright who organized the game’s first real team. The Knickerbocker Baseball Club. He also introduced many of the games rules used to this day. You will want to know how within 20 years 100’s of teams throughout the Northern United States played baseball. Also how by the 1870’s baseball had become so competitive that teams played their best players? Finally why was the game for a long the game was played much differently than it is now?

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Have you ever wanted to be a pitcher, catcher, infielder , or an outfielder? Have you ever wanted to run around the four bases? First base, Second base, Third base, and Home plate? You don’t want to get out and try not to get hit with a ball/walk. You will want to get a single, double, triple, inside the park home run, or a home run. Don’t let the infielders get a short pop up, a short grounder, or a foul ball. Also, don’t let the outfielders get a long pop up, a hard grounder, or a foul ball.

Fun Facts

When you are in the dugout getting ready to bat, or sitting an inning you should always cheer your team on even if you are winning or losing! You practice every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


Now you know how to get ready for baseball, how to play , and some other facts!

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Baseball by:Mike Kennedy