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May 2019 Newsletter

"Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create." - Maria Montessori

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Students working on a grammar activity. Montessori uses symbols (like a red ball for a verb) to show how parts of speech relate.

We will offer pre-kindergarten through 4th grade in 2019-20.

Things to bear in mind regarding the Flint Montessori program for 2019-20:

• Our program is guided by a shared commitment between the Flint Community Schools,

Montessori for Flint community group, and families to have a true, public Montessori


• In the coming school year, we anticipate that 100 percent of our teachers will have

completed their Montessori coursework and will have completed their Montessori

practicum or be on track to complete it within the year. This is consistent with

established practice for Montessori schools.

• In the coming year, Flint Community Schools and Montessori for Flint will invest in an

experienced Montessori consultant to serve as a mentor and guide for the program as

we focus on deeply rooting our program in Montessori practice.

The Flint Community Schools will be switching to a “balanced calendar” for 2019-20. This


• The summer break will be shorter, with elementary classes starting in early August rather

than after Labor Day. There will be 2-week breaks (intercessions) every couple months

throughout the year.

• Freeman Elementary has been on a balanced calendar for the last two years, and that

change was associated with an increase in math and reading scores. This also means

that the school district has experience operating a balanced calendar.

• Some families have asked about what programming is available for students during

intercession. The Crim Fitness Foundation and YouthQuest program of the Flint &

Genesee Chamber of Commerce already partner with Flint Community Schools to

provide afterschool and summer programming. These programs have been adapted at

Freeman Elementary to fit a balanced calendar and will be adapted to serve the whole

district in the fall. In other words, Crim and YouthQuest activities will be available

during intercessions and summer break.

If you have questions about either the Flint Montessori program or the district’s switch to a

balanced calendar, please contact Pam Mosher, Supervisor of Early Literacy and Numeracy.

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A student engaged in a practical life activity using a mortar and pestle.

Seeking Montessori Teachers. Please help us spread the word.

Montessori for Flint (, in partnership with an urban school district, seeks a certified elementary teacher to join the staff of our public Montessori elementary program as a lead teacher. We believe that Montessori education should be available to all children. The ideal candidate will have a Montessori Elementary I or II credential, and at minimum must be willing to complete training to get a Montessori elementary credential from an approved program. Tuition support may be available for the right candidate. Please contact Elizabeth Jordan, Parent Liaison, at (810) 610-7209 for more information.

Montessori for Flint Advisory

The Flint Montessori program is a partnership between the Flint Community Schools and Montessori for Flint. The monthly advisory meetings are an opportunity for families, the school, and community supporters to come together to guide planning, coordinate logistics, and identify next steps to keep the program and the partnership moving forward. If you are interested in providing your valuable input with this group and are able to commit to at least one year of monthly 1-hour meetings for the purpose of giving input and assisting with decision-making please contact Parent Liaison, Elizabeth Jordan at or call (810) 610-7209.

A the Flint Montessori program grows and expands, we need additional parental/family involvement to help support clear and frequent communication. If you are able to assist with your "time, talent, or treasure" please contact Parent Liaison, Elizabeth Jordan at or call (810) 610-7209 at your earliest possible convenience.

Montessori Term of the Month: Absorbent Mind

Dr. Maria Montessori introduced many new terms and concepts to describe how children grow and learn. These terms are still widely in use today in the Montessori community. You may encounter these terms as you learn about the Montessori method of education.

Absorbent mind – From birth through approximately age 6, the young child experiences a period of intense mental activity that allows her to “absorb” learning from her environment quickly and easily without conscious effort.


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Students working with "the farm," where they use a scene as part of a language activity on articles, adjectives, and nouns.

Substitute Teachers Needed

Montessori for Flint is still seeking talented, dedicated individuals who are interested in being available as substitute teachers for the Montessori classrooms at DTM in 2018-19. Having at least 90 hours of college credit is a requirement, and knowledge of Montessori philosophy is strongly preferred. To register, contact EduStaff (formerly PESG) at (877) 974-6338 if you or someone you know is potentially interested. Please register as soon as possible. Contact Elizabeth Jordan at or (810) 610-7209 for more info.

Resources & Community Calendar

Advocacy Opportunity: LEAP Parent Advisory

Healthy Start Lead Expansion Assistance Program Parent Advisory Group

Drive our work

Decide our direction

Shape recovery efforts

Share your story

Meetings every third Thursday.

Purpose: to connect lead-exposed children and families to screenings and support in order to minimize developmental delays.

Seeking parents of children exposed to lead from the Flint water system to be decision makers of our work to ensure L.E.A.P. is relevant and easily accessible to all.

Childcare and refreshments provided

Interested in joining? Call (810) 210-4316 or email

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Friday, June 7th, 1-3pm

Corner of Second and Saginaw Street - Downtown Flint

Don't miss the Grand Opening of the MCC Culinary Arts Institute Friday, June 7 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the corner of Second and Saginaw streets in downtown Flint! Meet Celebrity Chef Carla Hall, of The Chew, and tour the renovated building where Flint's history meets its future.
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Flint Cycle Fest

Sunday, June 9th, 2-4pm

Water Street

Flint, MI

Flint Cycle Fest is a new event for anyone who likes to ride a bike, from beginners to enthusiasts, of all ages and abilities. With three different distances, there is a ride for everyone, showing off some of the best and most interesting parts of Flint. All routes start in the afternoon and end with a great party. Flint Cycle Fest will be a celebration of Flint's growing biking community, with proceeds supporting neighborhood improvements for cyclists in Flint and Genesee County.

Flint Cycle Fest 2019 will include Cycling Circles, a free bike party for young kids, presented by the Corridor Alliance Chapter of Flint River Watershed Coalition. Cycling Circles activities will take place in the gated lot across from GM's Factory One starting at 2pm. Kids are encouraged to bring their own bikes/tricycles/scooters to participate.

The Flint Cycle Fest is a fundraiser for Crim Active Communities. All proceeds from this event will go towards creating a more walkable and bikeable community in Flint and Genesee County through education, infrastructure, and policy change.

All rides start at 2pm
Start Location: Water Street east of Grand Traverse, and Lyon St. (in front of GM's historic Factory One)
Parking: Free one block away, at Atwood Stadium, 701 University Avenue.

All routes will be escorted by guides, with traffic assistance at major intersections.
2-3 mile course - great for beginners or people who aren't familiar with riding in the road.
10 mile course - perfect for people who want a bit of a challenge.
20 mile course - for more advanced riders who have experience riding with traffic and longer distances.

Find out more:

Purchase Tickets

Free Day at Flint Children's Museum

Sunday, June 23rd, 12-5pm

1602 University Avenue

Flint, MI

Join us on Sunday, June 23 from 12-5 for a FREE DAY at the Flint Children's Museum sponsored by Mott Children's Health Center in honor of our 80th anniversary.
DID YOU KNOW? Each child enrolled in Flint Health Coverage can have their own health adviser. To get connected with a Family Supports Coordinator, call 810-257-3777 and a member of Genesee Health System will assist you.
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About Montessori for Flint

Montessori is a learning method that can be used throughout elementary and secondary school. Families in Flint, Michigan now have a free, public option to access high-quality Montessori education in elementary school.

Montessori for Flint serves as the advisory group to the Flint Community Schools' Montessori program. To be added to the advisory group email list, or to get more information, call (810) 610-7209.