LV Technology

By: Jacob Schertz

Typing Web

* We would start class with 5 minutes of typing.
* You have to finish a course every quarter.

* All of us have to be finished with the intermediate course by the semester.


* All of us had to make a iTrailer about a event in our life.
* We would work on it at home.
* I did my iTrailer on Basketball.

Haiku Deck

* We all pick are dream job for the future.
* All of us had to have ten slides.
* Then we presented them to the whole class.

Explain Everything

* We all picked one question out of ten math problems.
* Explain the problem in you own words not what it says.
* You have to show how to explain it in a math equation.

Career Locker

* Mrs. VandenBoogaard was are teacher for that unit.
* We got to create your own avatar that looked like us.
* Career locker helped us know what we want are dream job to be.


* If you wanted to get a three you had to get to stage seven.
* You would solve problems and learn how to make codes on a computer.
* There where multiple options of games to play on and code.