Effective Transitions

How do you make an effective transition?

What makes an effective transitions?

An effective transition is created when you lead into your next subject with a line connecting the two topics.

3 Types of Transitions

  • Transitions between sections
This is for longer papers where you change your idea and to help not confuse the audience sometimes it's helpful to include a transition paragraph to conclude one topic and open up a new one.

  • Transitions between paragraphs
This fits into organization a little bit because to have effective transitions from paragraph to paragraph you need to set up your paper to where the topics flow.

  • Transitions within paragraphs
This helps the reader know what's coming ahead and stay engaged in your paper. These are usually one word or short phrases.

Helpful Transition Words

  • For example,
  • because of
  • relating to
  • otherwise
  • instead of
  • however
  • especially
  • the next step


  1. Jimmy was going on a run instead of babysitting for his sister. His sister and him do not get along very well.
  • In this example the sentence talked about why Jimmy isn't babysitting his sister's children to transition into talking about his sister and his relationship.

2. Missy was baking a cake for Mother's day even though her mother wasn't home. That wasn't unusual though, Missy's mother was rarely home due to work. Miss'y mom was a business woman and traveled the world all the time.

  • In this example starting off with talking about how Missy is making a cake for her mother leads into the fact that her mother's never home. This in fact could be a transition sentence and start off a paragraph.