35th Anniversary of Pac-Man

Invented by Toru Iwatani

By: Erin Menezes and Alexandria Carlton

35th Anniversary of Pac-Man!

Pac-man was created in May 22,1980 by Toru Iwatani. This original game was the hit of the time. It was first introduced in Japan, but soon travelled to America where it was an even bigger success. This video game started the world market for the video game industry. But how did it all start? At the age of 22, Iwatani joined NAMCO LIMITED, a computer software company in Tokyo that produced video games. Iwatani was completely self-taught with no formal training in compters, visual arts, or graphic design. Iwatani actually got the idea from looking at pizza. As he says," If you take a pizza and remove one piece, it looks like a mouth. That's where my idea came from."

Early life

Toru Iwatani was born on Jan. 25, 1955 in Tokyo, Japan. He was completely self taught, with no formal training computer, visual arts, and graphic design. At the age of 22, Iwatani joined NAMCO LIMITED, a computer software company, in 1977. He created Pac-man with the help of 4 others after working for a year and 5 months. Even though he had help, all the credit goes to Iwatani.

Pac-man today

Today, Pac-man's net worth is 25 billion dollars! Today, Pac-man is not just an arcade game, but a TV show and a wii game. Toru Iwatani also created many more games. His favorites are Libble Rabblem which he designed right after Pac-man. He also designed the Ridge Racers and Time Crisis.
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