Equal Opportunity Act of 1964

The Need For Action...No More Segregation


  • The Equal Opportunity Act of 1964 was the most progressive act since the reconstruction. The act intended to help African Americans voting privileges’, illegalized segregation, ordered the desegregation of schools, and eliminated segregation at the work place.
  • SUCCESS...

    This act was very successful. It eliminated most of the legal discrimination. Although not intentionally, many blacks were intimidated after winning these new rights. They were intimidated not to go to the workplace, voting, or schools. In all, the law did succeed in it’s plan to integrate and eliminate segregations, it did succeed.

    How Did It Succeed ???

    It succeeded because it was a law that finally went in favor of the ones fighting for equality. It was a law that coincided with the minorities, therefore giving them more power. It succeeded because the minorities were unwilling to give up the chance that they have been fighting for. It succeeded cause it made things equal. It is still in effect now.