The ACTS Group

Activating United Gospel Initiatives in February

Deeper Connections of Leaders

The ACTS Group knows that change happens through leadership, and that leaders themselves need to be both changed as well as connected in order to lead well in a city or community. For four years, a relationship has grown with Q Ideas (learn more at ) and founders Gabe and Rebekah Lyons. In January, Gabe met with a number of ACTS Group supporters and leaders over dinner to share the vision of Q to educate Christian leaders about the pressing issues of the day from a strong Christian theistic center. For Q, no topic is off limits and the desire is to “stay curious, think well and advance good.” This partnership is so valuable as the ACTS Group works with cities and communities to develop gospel leadership coalitions who are together, talking and transforming their community and culture. The hosting of Q Commons Sacramento in the Fall and Convergence “Live” in the Spring, the ongoing development of a web based leader resource at and local leader connect groups are fulfilling this vision resulting in a deeper connection of leaders.

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Convergence "Live" - The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society

The next Convergence “Live” is scheduled for Friday, March 24 in Sacramento, CA. The theme for this one day gathering of leaders is “the Gospel in a Pluralistic Society.” Topics addressed in expert 9 minute talks will include “Good News for Millenials”, “The Hindu Next Door”, “Good News at Schools”, “Cubicle Conversations,” “Talking with My ‘No Religion’ Neighbor”, and “Miracles Can Really Help”. You will have an opportunity to process these talks with other leaders who want to understand how to engage the diversity of people in our lives in ways that lead to spiritual conversations and conversions. You will have the opportunity to go deeper in questioning the speakers about their content. There will be a morning session from 8:30am-Noon and afternoon session from 1pm-4:30pm. You can register for the morning or afternoon session or for the full day which includes lunch. Click HERE to register

Visit Us at MyCity, CA

Did you know that one of the premiere conferences for youth and millenials n Northern California happens every February in Sacramento, CA? The purpose is to unite pastors and inspire students and with this year’s guests Erwin McManus from Mosaic Los Angeles, Peter & Laura Toggs from Hillsong Australia and Onterio Green from Dallas, this is set up to be another incredible gathering. The power, though, comes in the prayer and the “tracks” that build up pastors and students alike. You can learn more or sign up to attend the whole conference or even one session her . If you visit, stop by and say hello to the Activators at the ACTS Group information table.

Activator Orientation Update

On Friday, January 27, the first Activator Orientation took place at the Business Central conference rooms. In a full afternoon, the first seven Activators moved through a time of prayer, sharing of their own encounter with Jesus, the history of the ACTS Group and the current work on the horizon. As these Activators sign the “Activator Agreement” that includes a credo (personal belief statement), community compact (common values/behavior) and commitments (financial compensation/contracts) they become part of the ACTS Group leadership that will activate united gospel initiatives in communities and cities.

The ACTS Group and New Horizons Foundation

In July of 2015 the ACTS Group moved from working under the financial oversight of William Jessup University into a relationship with the New Horizons Foundation based in Colorado Springs, CO. New Horizons works with organizations and individuals all over the world in providing the context from which their business systems, oversight and support best facilitate that organization or individuals work. While no money is provided by New Horizons Foundation toward the work of the ACTS Group, the accounting, legal and donor support systems work through the foundation. When a person or sponsor would like to donate to the ACTS Group online, the donor is directed to the ACTS Group project page and their donation is made by clicking the blue “donate now to this project box” in the upper right of the screen. You can see the page or donate now HERE. If someone would like to give by check, the check can be made out to the ACTS Group and mailed to the Folsom address listed at the end of this newsletter. Questions? Email Merisa at

The ACTS Group is...

activating united gospel initiatives in communities and cities. Gospel-based activators provide expertise, guidance, training and outcome tracking that helps leaders accelerate gospel movement in their local community and the spheres of cultural influence of the city.