Fox Den Newsletter "Expect to Grow"

January 15-29

Our Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Fletcher Elementary, through partnership with our children, families, and communities, is to educate our students by meeting the individual needs of the whole child, ensuring successful, productive, responsible citizens while providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Congratulations on achieving 5.01 growth last year!

SIP Goal 1: Fletcher Elementary will meet or exceed expected growth and meet all Annual Measurable Objectives.

SIP Objectives:

1. Our K-2 composite Reading scores will increase from 83% to 90% on grade level and our 3-5 Career and College Ready proficiency will increase from 53.3% to 75%.

2. Our K-2 math proficiency will increase from 88% to 93% on grade level and our 3-5 Career and College Ready proficiency will increase from 62.3% to 80%.

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Another Great Cumulative Assignment in 3rd Grade Math!

If you remember earlier this year, 3rd grade had an incredible Toys 4 Us cumulative assignment to assess students' knowledge. Well, 3rd grade has done it again but this time it's with a cumulative assessment for area and perimeter. Read on for Jennifer Taylor's explanation of the assessment she and Stacey Bolonda gave their students.

We’ve spent several week studying area and perimeter. As a culminating assignment the students were asked to design a robot using specific dimensions. The students created a robot’s head, body, arms, and legs using centimeter grid paper. Guided by a RAFT prompt the students then wrote a letter to their imaginary boss at a toy design company explaining how they calculated the total area and perimeter of their robot.

The students were very engaged in this assignment and because of this they put more time and energy into calculating the area and perimeter of each robot body part than they would have if it had simply been worksheet practice. In addition, the task was more complex because they students were given the total perimeter each body part had to total, so they had to create equations accordingly.

Learning Focused Best Practice Reminder

As we begin planning for the last half of the year (so hard to believe!), keep in mind the best practices from Learning Focused. One of the keys to a great lesson is keeping the students engaged and building in formative assessment prompts. A nice easy way to do this is with collaborative pairs (Peanut Butter-Jelly Pairs, Numbered Pairs, etc.) at various points in each lesson with planned questions.

How often should collaborative pairs occur?

K: Every 5-6 minutes

1st: Every 6-7 minutes

2nd: Every 7-8 minutes

3rd: Every 8-9 minutes

4th: Every 9-10 minutes

5th: Every 10-11 minutes

Phonics Update

The Phonics Committee for Henderson County has been evaluating several different phonics programs over the last few months. At this point, they've narrowed it down to Fundations and Letterland and intend to make a final decision in the next couple of months.
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Fletcher Birthdays!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Fletcher Fox Family Members! Happy birthday to you!

1/18 Robert Bradley