Digital Citizenship Project

Jake R. Period 4

Rule #1: THINK before you post!

Before you post, think whether what you are posting is True, Helpful, Inspirational, Necessary, and Kind.

Rule #2: Don't give out personal info online.

You should never give out personal info online to strangers or people you have not met in real life for your own safety.

Rule #3: Don't post anything that you don't want anybody to see!

On websites never post anything that you don't want your parents, classmates, teachers, etc. This can effect your life deeply, you might not be able to get a job if you post something bad.

Rule #4: Keep your online identity a secret for online safety reasons.

If someone asks for your name, address, etc. don't tell them. If you want to meet someone in real life get your parents involved, even for a picture. If you aren't agreeing than think about if you would give your personal information to a random guy on the street!

Rule #5: Always tell an adult if you are getting cyber bullied!

Cyber bullies will post bad stuff about you and rumors to make them feel better. Don't fight them back because that is what they want. You always should screenshot and show an adult if you are getting bullied.

Rule #6: Don't ever plagiarize!

Plagiarizing is when you steal someones work or idea with out crediting them. If you take the exact words from someone use quotation marks and give credit to them.

Rule #7: Never copy other peoples stuff.

Copyright is when you copy someones music, movie, book, website, etc. Copy right is illegal and can get you in deep trouble. If you have permission to copy someones music, movie, book, website, etc. then you are allowed

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is your citizen ship online. It is your respectfulness, kindness, responsibility online. You have to be respectful to other people or you can get in trouble. You need to be kind to people because you may be hurting someones feelings without knowing. You also have to be responsible so you don't give out your information and you don't plagiarize.It is important to have a positive digital citizenship because it could effect your future life. It can effect your girlfriend/boyfriend, job, relationship with your parents, the college you want to get in, etc.
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