Gold,Dimands, and Emeralds are cool

By: Bennett


Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds are all very rare rocks and metals. Gold is a yellow kind of metal that is soft and will not tarnish or rust. Diamonds are mostly see through rocks that are can range from clear to a light yellowish color. Emeralds are green stones that are very rare is the color is to yellowish or to blueish the stone is not an emerald.


Gold is the only metal that is yellow or golden. Gold is so soft that it is edible and is used in some dishes. Unlike iron and steel gold does not rust so you can make long lasting sculptures with it. Gold does not lose its color like copper so it will always stay yellow.


Diamonds are mostly see through and many people use them in rings and other jewelry.

Most diamonds are more than 1 million years old. Diamonds are the hardest natural rocks known to man. To describe a diamond's color people use letters like D, E, and F. Those letters mean the diamond is colorless. A diamond's color range goes from colorless to light color.


Emeralds are one of the four most well known gemstones. The other three are sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. Emeralds are usually found with quartzs in most places.

You can find emeralds in a lot of different places, in the U.S emeralds are found in Montana, Connecticut, Nevada, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Gold, diamonds, and emeralds are cool gemstones that have been around ever since the earth has been formed. During the gold rush people left their homes, jobs, and families to pan for gold and get rich. To ancient indians diamonds were thought to protect its wearer from danger. Emeralds can easily be mistook for another gemstone do to its color.