Government surveillance

Rights and Privacy

For Surveillance

The arguments for Government Surveillance is that it is not there for the government just to invade your private life but for the government to stop potential terrorists threats.Also it can stop regular crime."If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear"

Against Surveillance

While the constitution doesn't protect your right to privacy the bill of rights might.The fourth amendment protects you from illegal searches and seizures.Government surveillance on their own citizens might violate the fourth amendment even though the right to privacy is not directly stated in the bill of rights.

My Opinion

I see the point with both although i think the main reason that people are so scared of this is because they are afraid of someone watching them in the bathroom.In my opinion the government doesn't care about that they are looking for threats.However while I do generally approve of this what I don't like is how far this could go.Years down the road this could go to far.If they can get away with this then maybe they think they could get away with more serous things in the future.This is the main reason that I am against Government Surveillance