Samuel Adams


  • Choose a topic that interest you
  • Make sure you include details, facts, and some times your feelings


  • topic sentences green, main ideas yellow, tell me more red or pink, and conclusion green
  • have a clear bgginning, middle, and end


  • speak in an engaging way that leaves the reader wanting more
  • show rather then tell

word choice

  • use nouns and verbs
  • use a thesaurus

sentence fluency

  • variety of sentence beginnings
  • flows smoothly from one sentence to the other


  • edit using COPS
  • use evaluation sheet to revise

6 Traits of Writing- a photostory

writing process


in prewriting you come up with all the titles you think of then pick one to write about

brain storming

brain stormy is when you come up with all the stuff your going to put in your story

rough draft

rough draft is your first draft that you make changes to for your final draft


your pre revising


in revision the writer changes anything they need to change


editing to correct anything they missed in revising so they are ready for the final draft


now you are ready to publish, that is when you share for somebody to look at or just keep that i the last step in the writing process

write tools

core 4 topic sentences

this is when you come up with your topic sentence there are 4 simple statement, number sentence, question, and situation stance


you put together your paragraph without transitions

first it is your topic sentence

next your main idea

stop and tell me more comes next last


color scheme

color scheme is your t-table with colors

topic sentence-green

main idea-yellow

stop tell me more-red/pink

conclusion-also green


this is where you get to pick your ending sentence for your story and it's your last so your going to want to make it good

main idaes

these are your big ideas that you are going to talk about in your story

stop and tell me more

these are you little ideas about your main ideas

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