Robot Wars

Creating an event to benefit a local charity

USA for Africa - We are the World
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Tuesday, December 16

Goal for Today

Your goal today is to:

  • Create a Robot Wars Google doc and share with the other members of your group and with Ms. Weaver
  • Determine the location for your Robot Wars. Document in your Google doc. Location ideas are listed below.
  • Determine the local charity that your Robot Wars will benefit. Document in your Google doc.
  • Begin creating the literature you will provide about your charity at the Robot Wars event.

Location Ideas:

High School Gym or Auditorium

Middle School Gym

Andy Brown Park free for charity

Lake Grapevine free for charity but reservation required for Trawick Pavillion

Grapevine Civic Center - $5000 for the main convention floor area

Irving Convention Center - $30,000 for the 1st floor convention floor and up to 4 ballroom areas

Kyle Warren Park (by the stage)

Museums or Galleries

AA Center - $100,000 rental rate

AT&T Stadium - $150,000 rental rate

Texas Motor Speedway- based on occupancy at $40/pp

Four Seasons Ballrooms

Gaylord Texan Convention Center - ballrooms are based on occupancy at $35/pp. Ex: a ballroom for 100 people would be $3500 rental rate.

House of Blues - $4000 for the concert area without the stadium seating above

Dallas Zoo Education Area / 1-3 hr $125/hr, 3-6 hr $100/hr, 6 & up $75/hr

Taylor's Gift: Register, Support and Outlive Yourself

Goal for Wednesday, December 17th

Your goal for today (Remember to document in your Google doc):

  1. Determine who will be your Group Leader to communicate with Ms. Weaver.
  2. Discuss the following questions with your group and document in your Google doc.
  • What is the focus of your robot?
  • What themes is your group interested in using?
  • What items does each person think they have at home to bring for the robot?

  1. Determine the day of the week that you will have your event and the time of day.
  2. Determine if you are going to offer food and beverage and plan what those will be.
  3. Create an agenda of activities for your event. This is a schedule showing what will happen at certain times and in order of the whole event.
  4. How do you plan to welcome spectators and check-in participants?
  5. Begin creating a list of items that you will need and how much they are going to cost as well as how much you will charge for food and beverage.

Kids For Wish Kids
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Goal for Thursday, December 18th

Your goal for today (Remember to document in your Google doc):

  • Design robot and document needed materials.
  • Material list with teammate that is responsible for bringing.
  • Consider any technology needs you will need at your Robot Wars event.

Now answer the Marketing Questions that are on the image, after the commercial.

You will need to have your materials in class after Christmas break in order to build the robot in class.

Toys for Tots Commercial 2012
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Goal for Monday, January 5

1. Highlight supplies that people have not brought to school in yellow.

2. Work on Robot (Robot is due on Friday)

3. Divide group into teams for Robot building

4. Make a list of building tasks and the team responsible for them.

Remember to bring in materials to make your robot!!!

Jacob's LifeVision Home

Goal for Tuesday, January 6

  • Research current charities events and how they are marketed.
  • Create marketing plan. Be sure to include brochures/flyers/commercials that you are going to use in your marketing plan.
  • Work on building your robot
  • Work on Marketing materials

Remember to bring in materials to make your robot!!!

Razer vs Tornado (Robot Wars Battle)
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Your goal for today (Remember to document in your Google doc):

  • Get the floor plan for the location that you will host your Robot Wars.
  • What furniture and fixtures will you need? Are there any costs for furniture and fixtures that you will need?
  • Document security points on your floor plan.
  • What are your emergency procedures?
  • Work on Robot

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Goal for Thursday, January 8th

Your goal for today (Remember to document in your Google doc):

  • Make a copy of the spreadsheet I shared with you on Blackboard. The copy should be named "Color Weaver 2(or 5) Robot Wars Finances"
  • Include all your costs for the Robot Wars event and also include projected revenue as well as projected profit that will be donated to your charity.
  • Include a graph to show each one of these: Total Expenses, Total Revenue, and Total Profit.

Finished Robot is DUE on FRIDAY, January 9th by the end of the day.

Robot Wars Presentation Due January 15th and January 16th


  • Stem - Robot Design, Material List (with classmate assigned to bring). Completed Robot
  • Human Services - Brochure/Flyer/Literature on Charitable Organization.
  • Marketing - Flyer/Poster/Commercial for the event.
  • Transportation - Floor Plan for the location, Listing of Furniture and Fixtures needed
  • Finance - Speadsheet of all the Costs - Budget Report
  • Law/Public Safety - Adjusted Floor Plan and Location Map with security points and traffic flow patterns. Report of emergency procedures