Eagle Updates


Dear Families

Thank you for a great week this week! We have been warmly blessed with so much incredible pieces of community and instruction throughout the last several days, and we are constantly hearing stories of revival work that God is doing by His Spirit in His people.

As a step into our weekend, Here is a prayer by St. Fursey of Ireland from the 7th century:

May the guiding hands of God be on my shoulders,
may the presence of the Holy Spirit be on my head,
may the sign of Christ be on my forehead,
may the voice of the Holy Spirit be in my ears,
may the smell of the Holy Spirit be in my nose,
may the sight of the company of heaven be in my eyes,
may the speech of the company of heaven be in my mouth,
may the work of the church of God be in my hands,
may the serving of God and my neighbor be in my feet,
may God make my heart his home,
and may I belong to God, my Father, completely.

May we see and enjoy God's presence around us today.

Grace and peace,

Skyler Sikes


Interested in Becoming an Eagle???

Interested in becoming a BCS Eagle or know someone who would benefit from our school???

Check out our BCS Admissions Page

It is a fantastic year to join an amazing school community and be a part of a vision and mission so much greater than yourself.

RE-ENROLLMENT 22-23 School Year

Friday, February 11th

Mark your calendars for Re-Enrollment for next school year! We are looking forward to everyone returning and adding into another season at BCS. We are excited for what God is inviting our school into and look forward to seeing the good works He is continuing to do! More information to come soon.

School Wide Events

BCS Walkathon

Saturday, Jan. 22nd, 8am-12pm

803 Farm to Market 2004

Lake Jackson, TX

Join us for our annual Walkathon Fundraiser at Dunbar Park! Our classes will be competing against each other to see who can walk the most laps, while avoiding the dreaded freeze stickers. There will be food trucks and activities out there to enjoy. Funds are being raised to improve areas of our transportation and support the purchase of new transportation vehicles. Don't miss out on a morning of fun with us!!

Grandparents Day

Friday, Feb. 18th, 10-11am

200 Willow Drive

Lake Jackson, TX

Grandparents, come see what your grandkids have been up to as we seek to celebrate you and honor you for the heritage and legacy you are passing down to the coming generations! We will have refreshments, the book fair, a chance for you to see your grandchild's classes and a Family Chapel time together. Be on the look out for mailed invitations and other notifications, and RSVP if you are able to attend!

Pre-K and Kindergarten


Book Fair Feb. 16-18

We will have our Scholastic Book Fair open beginning Feb. 16th! Students and teachers will have a chance to do previews and wishlists the two days prior. We are looking forward for continued outlets with our kids to strengthen their reading!


College and Career Readiness Session - Monday Feb. 7th

High School Parents (grades 9-12),

Do you have questions about what you and your child might need to be aware of when it comes to planning for the next season of your child's life after high school? We are hoping to offer some guidance and information for you when navigating the road ahead.

Come join us in the Commons area @ 6:00 PM as we work together in providing a clearer path for your child in the years ahead. We will have a question and answer session following the presentation.


Blake Subinsky Jersey Retirement and Honoring - Jan. 25th

We will be holding a memorial and jersey retirement ceremony @ 6:00 PM before our Boys Varsity game Tuesday. Blake Subinsky was an alumni of BCS and a skilled athlete in his years here. This is open for all public to attend as we honor an Eagle in his passing.

Regional Swim Meet - Jan. 22nd

We have our first ever BCS swimmer competing at the Regional Swim Meet this Saturday! Let's cheer on Emily Brown as she looks to swim her way to victory.

Quick Note of Encouragement

I wanted to share with you the lesson we went through at our Secondary Chapel this week. Both Henri Nouwen and Eugene Peterson have spoken to this pattern, and I love the symbolism it provides for us.

There were often major lessons shared and participated in centered around food when Jesus taught His disciples. If you look at the Institution of the Lord's Supper, the passing of the loaves on the hillside, or the meal shared with HIs disciples after He was resurrected on the beach, there are 4 common verbs associated with the Spiritual Formation we all encounter:

Take - Just as Jesus took a loaf, He also takes us just as we are. With each of our differences, blemishes, unique fragrances and tastes, and quirks and personalities, Jesus takes us in, the good and the bad, and we find ourselves in the hands of a loving Creator.

Bless - As we find ourselves in His hands, we see and hear that we are blessed by Him. He holds us and affirms that "We are His beloved, with whom He is well pleased," and these words are spoken before we earn or diminish any bit of love we think we can manipulate. We have received the full measure of our loving God and are receiving His goodness before any act is taken.

Break - The hard part of formation in Christ is that His word and presence always demands a response. We cannot stay the same once we encounter Him. We either move further or closer to Him. As we move closer to Him, we often find ourselves broken, realizing there are so many layers that have been constructed to keep us from the truth and kindness of the Father, and are now beckoning removal. The sting of this is literally a dying of the self, as we see pieces of us removed only to find a purer and more beautiful human within than we ever expected to encounter. It is the true form of us that was designed by God for us and others to see. It is the image of us God sees, which happens to be an image of Him.

Give - It is this recreation of us that God then gives back to other to receive. We find that we have been formed and designed not just as a benefit for us, but as a gift to the world around us. We become the love and presence of God for others to encounter, and a light of the world that draw people to a loving, Heavenly Father. As Robert Mulholland would say, we are being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others.

May we allow ourselves to be Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Given by God through the next week. It is a life we just might be seeking to find.


Walkathon Update

We are currently over a the 30K mark with our Fundraising endeavor! Thank you all who have given and supported us through this activity. Click the link below for more information and to donate today!

BCS Walkathon

Financial Aid 22-23 School Year

We will be opening up our Financial Aid for next school year to our current BCS families on Feb. 4th.

Feb. 14th will then be open up to new families joining the BCS community.

Additional School Notes

School Board Meeting - January 24

Join us for our next school board meeting on Monday, January 24th, at 6:00 PM in the Commons area in the Elementary Building.


We know the policies and rules are constantly changing, but here is a link for help when determining how to handle COVID scenarios. Remember much of this is related to CONFIRMED positive tests. We do not require testing, masks, or vaccines on our campus.


2021-2022 - School Calendar

Additional Resources - Q Ideas Podcast - The State of Public Life - Jeff Pickering

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