Halloween-a-thon Final Standings

and Top 2 Family Winners!

Halloween-a-thon Total . $11,286

Our total amount raised is currently $11,286. Unfortunately, this total is less than half our goal of $25,000 (what we raised last year). As stated at the beginning of this campaign, if each student raised $100, we would reach our goal.

We will continue to accept donations for Halloween-a-thon. Hopefully we can top $12,000 for this event. We also incurred expenses in this campaign (printing, mailing, fees on Crowdrise and prizes) that have yet to be subtracted from our 'gross' profit total.

Time for the Treats!

Since this is 'Halloween-a-thon', we're 'TREATING' our top 2 families!

  1. Our top family team--who will receive a credit to their tuition account for $380 (the amount of pledges they have raised)--is the Weber Family!
  2. Our 2nd place family team--who will receive a brand-new Nook HD+ tablet--is the Lamm Family!


Thank you to all who participated in this event.
A special 'thank you' to our Top 10 Families:

  1. Weber . 380
  2. Lamm . 355
  3. Carlson . 340
  4. Talbert . 335
  5. Ege . 300
  6. Sankey . 300
  7. DeMichele . 265
  8. Rogers . 250
  9. Theisen . 250
  10. Carlisle . 246

To view the complete list of donations per family, visit www.aquinschools.org/angels/halloween.cfm

and then click on 'Final Team Standings . 11.4.14'.

Thank you Letters!

The donation request letters that were sent by students stated that each donor would be personally thanked. We are copying and sorting all of the donation forms received in the mail. Those copies will then be sent home with the corresponding students who received credit for mailed donations.

We will let you know when those letters are sent home so you can work with your students to mail personal thank you letters. Please try to be prompt with these letters. Your assistance in this final stage of the campaign is greatly appreciated!