Second Grade News You Can Use

October 19-23, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Graham

Thank you for all your prayers for my safe return from Haiti. Please continue to pray for the family of Roberta Edwards and for the safe return of Jojo. Before the tragic ending, we teachers had a productive and rewarding week modeling reading groups for the Haitian teachers and teaching the children in four different schools in Port Au Prince. We also had a wonderful teacher's workshop on Saturday that will result in many of the teachers implementing better instructional practices in reading and writing. We were all inspired and excited to learn together.

I apologize for not having a newsletter for this week. I hope you were not too inconvenienced. I just did not have the time this week during school hours to write it.


October 27, 2015-Honeysuckle Hill Farm Trip, Permission Slip and $11 for child, $8 for parents due ASAP, Dress is Jeans/NCS shirt. Bring a lunch and drinks. The children will bring home a small pumpkin. Grades participating are K-2

November 12, 2015-Renaissance Center in Dickson, More details to come Grade participating are 2-3

November 20, 2015-Nashville Children's Theater for Charlotte's Web, Cost is $10 for students and $8 for adults. LImited to 2 parents a class. Permission slip and money are not due yet. (PSlips have not been sent yet.) Grades participating are K-4


TONIGHT-ELEMENTARY NIGHT AT GAME- We have concession stand duty. If you did not sign up, but can help, just show up in the concession stand.

October 22, 24, 25-Lion King

November 1-NCS Preview Day Invite Prospective Families

November 2-Christian School In-service Day-No School for Students



I'm, don't, isn't, can't, we'll, it's, I've, didn't, you're, that's, wasn't, you've

Challenge Words: they're and wouldn't

Please check your child's planner for misspelled list words before having them study the wrong words all week. The apostrophe will need to be in the place of the missing letter in the contraction or it will be counted as incorrect.


Text: Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish and Splash Photography (Both are Informational Text)

High Frequency Words: because, better, go, me, old, really, right, they, was, you

New Vocabulary Words: millions, choices, drift, simple, weaker, wrapped, disgusting, decide

Comprehension Skills: Fact and Opinion and Author's Purpose

Strategy for Comprehension: Monitor/Clarify

Writing: Instructions

Fluency Homework is coming home for the week on Monday. Here is what you do with that. Have your child read the passage called Jellies to you for one minute. Set a timer, don't estimate. After reading, write the number of words your child read correctly in one minute's time. Repeat this process every night of the week. Initial the sheet and return it to class on Friday morning in the Homework folder. We are looking for improvement during the week. Encourage and reward improvement.


We have one more lesson is Chapter 2 called Comparing Numbers. We will then review for a test on Tuesday and take the test on Wednesday. Thursday we will read a story called All About Animals to prepare us for our new Chapter 3 which is about basic facts and relationships. This chapter should move along quickly since we have already been working hard on our facts and number relationships.

There should be homework on Monday, possibly Thursday and Friday.


Week 5: History and Time

The students will learn that history tells the story of people and events from different times and places. They will also extend their knowledge of calendar time.

Week 6: Tennessee's Place in History

Students will learn about Tennessee's role in key events of U.S. History from the American Revolution to the present day. The Battle of King's Mountain, John Sevier, Alvin C. York,, the 19th Amendment and the Grand Ole Opry are discussed.


Week 4: Earth

Students will identify rocks, soil and water as the basic materials that make up Earth. Students will learn about the three layers of Earth-crust, mantle and core. They will also learn some ways that Earth changes.

Week 5: Water

Students will expand their knowledge of the Earth's waterways-oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. and will understand that clean water is important to all living things. They will learn that water can exist as a liquid, a solid, or a gas.


Luke 8: 4-18 The Parable of the Sower

Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.

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Door Contest

Come sneek a peek at our door for the door decorating contest. Mrs. Pulgarin should receive the credit for this one. My idea, her talent! The kids have minions hanging by the door as well. They also are very creative.