Culture of Ghana

The People

English is the official langauge of Ghana. The main religion is Traditional with a few Christians and Muslims. Ghanaians take life at a relaxed pace. They also are very respectful to the elderly. It is important to be clean and properly dressed in public. Shorts are not accepatable in public.

Customs and Courtesies

Shaking hands is important when greeting, although Muslims avoid doing it with the opposite sex. However, if you ignore a greeting it can be a serious insult to most ghanaians. Putting the hands, palms up, can be "please", "I beg you", or "thanks". Ghanaians only eat with the right hand. They also scoop it on the dish, and make it into a ball before eating.


Extened families is very strong. If the man leader of the family has more than wife, they each get a seperate room for her and children. For farming families girls who are old enough cary wateer, clean house, and take care of babies. Elederly are very important and funerul events can last to up to forty days.


The diet usually consits of yams, cassava, maize, plantains, and rice. Ghanaians enjoy spicy hot foods. They also like meats, but usually are to expensive to eat regularly. Soccer, boxing, field hockey, and running are some of the most popular sports.