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  • Artwork by Katherine Martin
  • Make Your Own Webcomics How-To by Tre Forbes
  • Lifeline Schedule Update
  • Eagle Times Newsletter contributor info - Updated!
  • Short Story By Ciara Collins
  • Artwork by Ash Robinson
  • Insight School of Washington COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY RSVP (Class of 2016)
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  • National Honor Society (NHS) Information
  • Ribbon Club Information
  • Student Spotlight
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^^^ Art By Katherine Martine - "My Zentangle" ^^^

How to Create Your Own Online Comics! - A Starter Guide by Tre Forbes

First you will need a camera (or if you draw your own that’s good to.)

Second take pictures or scan them onto the computer (if you do not have a printer that scans go to a library they will probably have one.)

Next if you have them on a computer I suggest you download a free comic maker program.

Then once you have finished it print out each panel as a test run and see what your friends think!

Remember to keep it at best PG-13 if you have characters Like Iron man® and Thor®, maybe captain America®, although I will say don’t have cap die in the end… please!!!

Sorry licensing issues had to do this little thing. ® Sorry I just found out how to do that. But make your own creations and new characters (just so you know I would love to read a copy after you are done!)

And the most important step is to have fun!

Also the only way around the whole® thing is if you do license it with the creator’s permission.

Have fun and good luck!

Lifeline Schedule Update!

Lifeline help sessions have returned! Join Diana Figula and your schoolmates on Tuesdays and Thursdays for help, and fun! Actual times will vary week to week, so be sure to check you Class Connect schedule.


Are you an artist? Do you write song lyrics? Do you paint, draw, or take photographs? Are you a gifted writer? We need your creativity!

To share your ideas and interests:
Please email Jeanne Stevens/Hannah Hawley at jestevens@k12insightwa.org or hhawley@k12insightwa.org.


Contact either by kmail! Be sure to send your submission as an attachment!

(Photograph to the Left by Nadia Guy-Okonji)


We are working really hard to put together an amazing yearbook, but we need your help. We have several pages that just don’t have enough photos.

If you're involved in a K12 National CLUB, will you please upload pictures showing your involvement or creations?

If you are in National Honor Society, can you please submit a photo of yourself? Make sure to identify that you are in NHS, too, please.

We also need photos of your pets, you in Seahawks gear, and any artwork or photography.

How to Upload Photos

Go to replayit.com to submit your photos. You can also watch this video and Athena will show you how simple it is to upload your photos: http://bit.ly/1IRj2Cr

Purchase Your Yearbook!

Want to own a copy of the 2015-2016 Insight School of Washington yearbook? Place your order today! In June, it will be mailed to you. http://bit.ly/1n4PQ11

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Twitter: ISWAyearbook

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The Prophecy - By Ciara Collins

She pulled the next off me and seemed to be waiting for a reaction.

“Umm . . . Thanks”, I muttered dazed as to why I was even stuck in a net and who this adorable little old lady was. All she did was hum and nod her head slowly to the right gesturing for me to follow her. Her white hair bounced around as she slowly waddled in front of me, normally I wouldn’t follow a stranger, normally I’d find out what was going on first before I walked behind said stranger allowing them to led me to somewhere maybe even my doom, but yet again normally I wouldn't wake up in a net COMPLETELY lost! This was a very odd situation, but I should be thankful for her saving me. “Hey thank you again for undoing that net for me, but I have a few questions like, where am I? Who are you? Why was I even in a net? And what’s going on!? ” She stopped humming and stared at me, her eyes were amber the deep burnt orange looked oddly wonderful on her soft pale face. They looked hard and cold than loosened till they eventually looked as blank as my essay paper you know the essay I was supposed to get done by Friday if I knew where it was, or how to get home!

“Oh my dearie, you really don’t know do you?” The mix of fear and concern crept into her soft raspy voice. “Okay let me start off with myself, I am Vila, and I’m eighty five” she seemed proud of herself. “Oh and where we are, isn’t important we need to get out of here though.” She sped up her waddle to an actual speed walk, by the time I was finally done comprehending what she said she was done the hall! Something told me I needed to run away from whatever she was talking about.

After what felt like hours of twisting and turning through the empty halls, with the sounds of our bare feet pitter-pattering against the freezing concrete tiles. If Vila hadn’t tugged me down on my knees behind some creates, I probably would have walked right past her. I looked at her curiosity and concern washing over my face.

“People are coming” she hissed between her clenched dentures. We pressed closer to what seemed like shipment creates. Tap . . . tap . . . tap . . . tap, their footsteps were louder now and seemed to be extremely close. Vila looked at me and smiled gladly. “Dearie I have a plan” she announced in a proud whisper. She went on to describe it to me. Her raspy voice was too quiet to understand with my heartbeat pounding in my ears. It was kind of like she was just mouthing the words instead of actually saying them. When she finished, she must have asked me a question because she looked somewhat impatient for a comment or answer. She just shook her head and motioned for me to stay hidden and close to the container.

The footsteps were on the other side of the coming closer not stopping, this appeared to not be a part of Vila’s plan as they passed our hiding spot, and of course they looked back at us, I mean why, wouldn’t they? This wasn’t some super hero movie! I looked the two men standing in front of me up and down from the heavy plated uniforms complete with a holster for some weapon I guess. Seriously what was going on?

“Oh wow, so you two are what exactly? Trying to leave? Find your freedom?” The first guard scoffed, sounding very cocky. The second guard paled and looked scared, maybe he was a newbie? But he faked a laugh and stared at us, surely we were a sight to see. An old woman with great white hair, amber eyes and a gown sort of like Arwen’s red and black one from Lord of the Rings with a matching black scarf, than there was me in Batman pajama pants and a plain yellow tee shirt to match with amazing bed head hair, huddled so close to a container trying to camouflage with it, yup a sight to see for sure. Vila stood up and to face the two men unwrapping her scarf carefully as she got up. Like the Flash I kid you not she ran and carefully tied up the two guys, before they could even react, before I could even sense she moved she was standing by them as they slouched on the ground tied to each other. Her scarf was tied in many intricate knots, some I’ve never seen before. The newbie guard that seemed to be scared at first started to laugh like a mad man hmm one might even say like the Joker, no? Okay yeah that’s probably too far anyway as if his laughing wasn’t confusing enough he started mumbling to himself saying things like it’s true, it really is true, they didn’t belief me but now they have too. I looked at the two guards carefully, on one hand you have a cheerful (or maybe insane) Newbie and on the other you had Mr. Cocky who looked very shocked, ha not so tough now are you? Vila looked at me with wonder filled her big amber eyes than cocked her head to the side when she looked at the guard.

“Umm Vi-” I started out before she interrupted me.

“Dearie would you-“

“Freya, my name is Freya.” I guess Vila didn’t like being interrupted she gave me a death glare, like one of the warning glares teachers give to you to tell you to shut up during their lesson.

“Dearie,” she started sharply, instinctively I put my hands up to show I didn't mean no harm or disrespect, she spoke again a kinder and with a little chuckle “would you be so kind to find out what he means by it is true? It’s very unsettling for an old lady like me” I nodded my head and approached Mr. Insane Newbie.

“It’s true, they told me I was stupid for believing it, but it’s all true, but why couldn't she save me?” He was muttering to himself between his voice weakening and anger building it back up, I was sure he was crazy.

“Ah, hi there, you say it’s true but what is the ‘it’ exactly?” He jumped as I spoke than he looked at me confused and somewhat evilly, I had to take a step back just in case these knots aren’t as stable as I hoped.

“The prophecy” he hissed between his teeth laughter bubbled up from deep within him and he lost it, he was screaming and howling with laughter much like a hyena actually. Vila grabbed my wrist and was dragging me away before I even knew it, with such force and speed everything kind of just turned black and fuzzy around the edges than all at once everything disintegrated from my mind. . . I woke up in a little cabin filled with a ton of cats! They all watched me wake up all except one, a little orange one that ran out of the room, only to return a few moments later with Vila.

“Oh you’re awake, wonderful. I’m sorry about dragging you out so quickly but the prophecy is dangerous, it’s about a grand old warrior who died in captivity of the enemy, his mother… my sister” She grumbled lowly the cats actually hissing at the mention of her, but she continued on “was sickened with grief swore to trap young kids who dreamed, in a prison of this land. I am the only one who can bring you back to your world Freya. Every child in every world has one person looking over them, I am your guardian per say, lay down and I shall start to commence brining you back to your world.” I was totally stunned I had no words, no thoughts everything was blank. So I lay back down on the little bed as instructed and all the cats ran out of the room, Vila told me it was to warn someone else of their responsibility and the great deed Vila herself had done by saving me, otherwise I would have ended up like Mr. Insane Newbie. Everything after that was like a dream, I couldn’t remember what had happened and I felt really well rested rising up from my bed. My stomach felt a little heavy and warm for some reason, I shifted the blankets over and there was the cutest thing I’ve never seen. A small white kitten with glowing amber eyes stared up at me, “Vila” I whispered softly and the kitten meowed in response only to drift back to sleep.

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^^^Artwork by Ash Robinson^^^


Insight School of Washington 2016 Prom will be held at Bellevue College on Saturday, June 18th, starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm

Bellevue College Address:
Student Union, Building C

3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

  • Our 2016 Prom theme and decorations will be chosen by our Prom Committee

  • ALL Insight School of Washington students (all grade levels) are invited to attend Prom!

  • A Prom RSVP form will be KMailed in March

  • Prom is FREE for all Insight School of Washington students and one non-student guest

  • Every ISWA student may bring one (1) guest

o A Guest Pass form will be available in March

o Every guest must provide a guest pass, signed by their school administrator

o If you would like to bring a guest over the age of 20, you must receive permission from Principal Hammond

  • Dress code is semi-formal

o semi-formal or formal gowns

o semi-formal or formal suits with button-up shirts (ties and jackets are encouraged)

  • We will have a room set up on-site for parents/guardians/drivers who want to stay close while students enjoy Prom

  • Our professional photographer for Prom is Olympic Photo Group: http://www.olympicphotogroup.com/schools

o Students will be able to purchase photo packages directly from the photographer

o Photo package information will be KMailed in March

  • We will have a photo booth, a professional DJ, dance lights, and light snacks and beverages
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Insight School of Washington COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY

Saturday, June 18th, 1pm

3000 Landerholm Circle Southeast

Bellevue, WA

All Seniors graduating in June 2016 and those who meet graduation requirements in January 2016 are encouraged to attend and be a part of our graduation event. The entire student body along with faculty, friends and family are invited to join us. There is no fee to attend, and graduates are not required to attend.

Counselor News and Testing Reminders

  • · Counselor Assemblies: STUDENTS! Attend any and all of the following Class Connect sessions!!!

o March 21st 1pm: “Planning For Your Future…And Paying For It” (repeat of March 17th)

  • · We are working through our senior lists and completing credit checks. Please watch for senior letters in the notes section of TV. Kmails are being sent to students who are on track to graduate in June.

  • State testing is a little confusing so here is a quick reminder of who will be taking tests by grade level:

o 9th Grade - Most 9th grade students will not test this year. The only testing that will happen is if a 9th grader is enrolled in Biology. They will be assigned the Biology End of Course Exam in May.

o 10th Grade – All 10th grade students will take the 10th Grade ELA Exit Exam. 10th Graders will also be taking the Math EOC and Biology EOC unless they passed the exam as a 9th grader.

o 11th Grade – All 11th grade students will be taking the SBA ELA and SBA Math exam regardless of meeting previous testing requirements such as the HSPE or EOC exams. They will also be assigned the Math EOC and Biology EOC if they have not passed it previously.

o 12th Grade – 12th grade students will be assigned make up exams for Math and HSPE if they have not passed it in prior years. They will also be assigned the SBA Math and ELA exams if they have not passed a HSPE or EOC. The SBA exams can be used for graduation requirements so this will give them an extra opportunity to pass.

  • · Just a quick reminder of the counselor break down of students:

Stacey Marshall, A-D

Mari Bisson, E-K

Julie Powers, L-Rh

Lisa Humphries, Ri-Z

Kay Bloomdahl, Special Education


The ISWA Chapter of the National Honor Society is looking for new members! If you have completed at least one semester at Insight, are in grades 10-12, AND have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, we would love to have you join us!!

We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in Class Connect!

Please Kmail Teacher Darice Bales for a Candidate Information Packet. Thank you!!!

Ribbon Club

Ribbon Club is a club that focuses on making a difference and connecting with other students. We help the community and volunteer our time for a greater good.

Ribbon Club meets every other Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Class Connect! Stop by on March 15th and learn more!

I'm looking forward to talking with you then!

-Marisa Recker

(Ribbon Club Artwork by Citali Maldonado)