The 4th Grade News

Week of March 14th, 2016

A Note from Ms. Deal

Dear Parents,

It was so wonderful to see most of you this week at Student Led Conferences. The students worked very hard to prepare and I hope you were impressed with their skills and effort. I know they loved showing you their work.

Please note that we will be going on a geometry field trip to Jinmao Tower on Tuesday March 29th. The cost of the trip is 40 RMB/student. We are still looking for at least two more parent volunteers to join us, so if you're available to come with us, we would love to have you.

Students will have P.E. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Ms. Deal

Upcoming Events:

March 25th - End of Third Semester

March 29 - Field Trip to Jinmao Tower

March 30th - Last day of school before Spring Break

March 31-April 10th - Spring Break


This week we continue to study geometry. This week the 4th graders finished up with Geometry Map Projects. We also looked more closely at the six different types of triangles. The students should be able to tell you how many degrees all of the angles add up to and prove their knowledge by using a protractor.

Next week we will start discussing the different types of quadrilaterals.

Language Arts

Reading: The students continue their guided reading groups. Each group is reading a fictional text at their level. They spend time discussing what they have read with their groups, making predictions, and completing different tasks to help with comprehension. This week they were Illustrators and Passage Pickers.

Word Study: Students studied spelling patterns to help them with their vocabulary, writing and decoding skills. Please help your student remember to complete their Word Study homework each week and turn it in to me on Friday.

Writing: This week the students are focusing the writing process. The are writing a piece of their choice and being careful to follow the steps of the writing process. Most students are still at the drafting stage of their writing, but some have begun to edit. I can't wait to see their "published" work.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies we continue to talk about exploration. This week the students have chosen an explorer that sparked their interest. They did their own research and created a timeline of the explorers life to share with you at conferences.

Next week we will begin to prepare for our upcoming debate. Students will need to argue whether all types of exploration are good for mankind (space, land, underwater, caves) and why.