Product Spotlight - REVERSE

For dark marks, dullness and discoloration

One of our most popular, successful and publicized skincare regimens, our REVERSE line addresses damage and discoloration caused by sun exposure, melasma and/or loss of radiance from aging.

This boot camp for the skin has been clinically proven in an 8-week independent clinical trial to improve brightness and texture, reduce brown spots, even skin tone and decrease fine lines.

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20% of aging is genetic, meaning 80% of it is in our control. Most aging comes from sun damage! Not just tanning but also secondary exposure. We get incremental sun exposure from driving, walking to our car, sitting next to a window at work, etc. The exposure adds up over time.

The REVERSE regimen includes:

  1. Deep Exfoliating Wash: cleanses and refines sun-damaged, blotchy complexions. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) loosen dead skin cells while exfoliating micro-beads sweep them away, leaving the surface of your skin brighter.
  2. Intensive Brightening Toner: Kojic acid and licorice brighten the skin and fade discoloration, Salicylic acid exfoliates and refines skin removing dead skin cells for more radiant complexion, and antioxidants help reduce free-radical damage (anti-aging properties).
  3. Dual Active Brightening Complex: Combination of Pure Vitamin C and Retinol brighten the skin while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Kojic acid and licorice brighten skin and fade discoloration
  4. Broad Spectrum SPF 50: Shield Technology absorbs UV rays increasing protection in the sun keeping UVA rays from breaking down, Vitamin E and green tea fight free radicals, while licorice extract and mulberry brighten the appearance of skin.
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REVERSE ACCELERATOR PACK — If sun damage is heavy with stubborn dark marks or melasma (which is hormonal) we recommend the Accelerator Pack. This replaces step 2 (toner) and 3 (dual active brightening complex) of the regular reverse to quickly address persistent discoloration.

  1. Toner: 2% hydroquinone
  2. Skin lightening treatment: 2% hydroquinone

Bundle Up and Save!

Bundling our REVERSE line with our AMP MD Roller and/or our MACRO Exfoliator saves an extra 20% off of all products. Even better, results were shown to be enhanced by 58% with the addition of these two revolutionary tools.

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REVERSE Power Pack - best deal with REVERSE, AMP Roller and MACRO Exfoliator

REVERSE AMP It Up Special - REVERSE and our AMP Roller

REVERSE Redefined Special - REVERSE with our MACRO Exfoliator


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