My dream job!!!


Hi, I am Cassie and I am here to show you about animation. This just shows what I know and what I discovered.

The First Animated Cartoon

The first animated cartoon was called "Fantasmagorie" It was created in 1908. By a French woman named Émile Cohl. The film was created in 1908. Way before Disney of course. This was not the First Animation ever. But this was the first cartoon. If you would like to see the film you can at home with internet access or anywhere else with internet access because I have not viewed the video myself

How It Works

How does animation work? Animation is basically re-drawing the picture over and over but in a different movement. We have computer animated shows now. Its the same thing as if it was on paper. When you draw you can go to the ''Next Frame'' As in the next picture. And you can see the faded picture behind. So you won't have to look to see where it was before.
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What Types of Animations are out there?

. Stop Motion Stop Motion Animation is when you take a lego guy. And take pictures of every movement . 3d Generated Animation This is the type of animation that Frozen was made of. Also the Good Dinosaur . 2d Animation You should all probably know what this is. Have you ever seen the Disney classics? Nothing like Frozen or anything...its like the Lion King. That's a good example. Its a flat image moved around.


Well, you may have heard of Adobe programs? Adobe Flash Professional is what I use. Its what was used above in the picture. Toonboom is a smooth going program its awesome. TVPaint is more professional and Disney used it! Did you know you can animate for free? You can animate in MS Paint in windows. It comes with the program.