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This month I have posted tidbits on how to use the Next Generation Science Standards with ELs and a focus on "Cues and Questions" from the "Strategies that Work with ELLs" book. I've also included a mini post on using technology with ELs.

Strategies that Work with ELLs book

Thank you all again for being involved in Tricia's and my presentation in February. I hope the book has come in some use in your classroom, or if not yet will be in the future.

I'd be happy to help aide or give suggestions in implementing some of those strategies in your classrooms if you would like.

Again they are just "good teaching" strategies that work for ALL students.

In my blog this month I focused a little more closely on the "Cues and Questions" chapter.

21st Century Skills and ELs

Just as a quick preview. This month I featured an introduction on using technology with ELs.

Within my blog you will notice some things to keep in mind when introducing new apps, interactive websites, or Chrome/Mac applications that you would like the students to use.

Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Reviewing the basics/names.
  • Making it hands on learning

  • Use of visuals via props or the Smartboard. Sometimes using AppleTV for iPads.
    • Allowing for reinforcement by using the app or program more than once

    March Holidays Celebrated Around the World

    The list below was taking from this source.

    I found it interesting to learn the meaning of each of these holidays.

    March 4 (sunset)- March 5 (sunset) "is Purim, a Jewish celebration that marks the time when the Jewish community living in Persia was saved from genocide, because Esther, one of the king's wives, revealed her Jewish identify. So on this day, Purim, Jewish people offer charity and share food with friends."

    March 5 "is Magha Puja Day. This is a Buddhist holiday which marks an event when a group of 1,250 enlightened saints, who were ordained by the Buddha himself, gathered to pay their respect to him."

    March 6 "is Holi, a Hindu and Sikh spring religious festival which is observed in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, as well as other countries with large numbers Hindu and Sikh populations. During this holiday, people celebrate Holi, by throwing colored powder and water at each other. They also lit bonfines during the day in memory of Prahlad's escape when Demoness Holika carried him into the fire."

    March 8 "is International Women’s Day. This day was first observed in Germany in 1911. It is now a major global celebration which honors women’s economic, political, and social achievements."

    March 17 "is St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday started in Ireland to recognize St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who brought Christianity to the Ireland."

    March 28 "is Ram Navami, which is a Hindu festival commemorating the birth of Lord Rama. Rama is a popular deity in Hinduism. People celebrate the holiday of Ram Navami, by sharing stories and visiting temples."

    March 29 "is Palm Sunday. This holiday is celebrated by Christians on the last Sunday of Lent."