compare and contrast #2

by:shania drain-harris


-the transfer of light energy to matter.

  • fact=a related phennomen
  • an example would be soaking up water.
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-the change of direction of a wave as it passes from one medium of a wave into another at a angle.

  • fact=Light rays usually travel in straight lines, but when they pass from one material to another they can be forced to bend
  • example would be a straw in a glass of water

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-the bouncing of light off a surface.

  • fact=reflections are usually caused by shiny things
  • example would mirrors

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-occurs when light is sent in many directions as it passes through a medium.

fact=light scattering is a form of scattering in which light in the form of propagating energy is scattered.

example would almost anything because light scatters off almost anything.

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