Lockport City School District

May Points of Pride from Superintendent Bradley

Lockport High School Class of 2020

Congratulations to the top ten students in the Class of 2020! Your achievements are impressive, your futures look bright, and may all of your dreams come true. Best wishes for continued success.

Jeremy Stoddard, Valedictorian

Emmet Belknap Tower

The light in the Emmet Belknap Intermediate School tower was lit blue during the COVID-19 pandemic to honor first responders and health care workers. It remained blue during the week of May 4 to honor LCSD teachers and nurses during teacher and nurse appreciation week. What a beautiful serene sight during a challenging time. Photo credit: Chris Greco
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To our Students and Families

Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge

Every plastic bag recycled is one less bag in our landfills. Over the last three years, the Lockport High School West at Charlotte Cross (LHSWCC) learning community collected plastic bags. These bags were then counted, weighed, and returned to Tops Supermarket on Route 31 for distribution to local Trex Plastic centers, where they were sorted and shipped to Trex's manufacturing facilities in Winchester, Virginia and Fernley, Nevada. The school competed with 725 schools across the nation and placed 15th in the challenge! LHSWCC was presented with a flower box made from the recycled bags for participating in the challenge. Great work, LHSWCC students, staff, and parents!

Class of 2028

Eighty signs, donated by teachers and staff, were distributed to Roy B. Kelley fourth grade students to display on their lawns throughout the community.

Earth Day

While "Learning at Home", Charles Upson students created their own art projects in recognition of Earth Day. Students tapped into their creativity and drew pictures or made their own masterpieces. They all did something a little different, but used "art" to represent animals, planets and the things that grow.

Learning at Home

From virtual spirit week participation to learning at home, the Lockport City School District would like to extend gratitude to parents and students for taking teaching and learning seriously, being engaged in academics, and putting forth impressive effort. In addition to academics all students explored their creativity, kept physically active, engaged in acts of kindness, assisted with household chores and made us LION PROUD!