Moving Forward: Whats Next?

By: Mick Litherland

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What can we do to help local schools and communities for getting the right resources for students in the classroom.?

Within the past decade, the way students are taught are completely different than how students were taught ten years ago. A large amount of schools today are using laptops and iPads for kids as a learning tool in the classroom. Compared to what was available ten years ago, the world is definitely moving at a rapid pace.

Although this is quite of an extraordinary change, there are some places that cannot afford these types of devices in the school. With some local schools from low income residents, it can be quite difficult for the students to get the right experience and keep up with the technology we are using today. I can't say this enough, but the kids are the future, and just because of the area a student is in, and they can't get the right resources like every other student in different schools is quite obscured.

One way I believe that can help schools is by having small businesses and other organizations within the community come and help volunteer or donate for the school. Not only will it benefit the students being able to experience a class filled with new technology and being able to have the ambition to learn, but it will also help the organizations show a great deal of social responsibility.


Helping other schools that can't get the right resources will give equal standards to every kid in school. In many low-income communities, it can sometimes be difficult for their kids to get the best education. Whether it is because of money or their location, its not the students fault for being brought up to a place where they can't get the right education. In order to let every student get right education, we must set the standards of allowing every students to get a chance.

Moving Forward

Help me spread this problem that not that many people are aware about to change kids lives, and help them get to where they want to be in life. Any dream is possible as long as we lead the students in the right path.
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