Element Project

Silver And Sodium

3 uses of sodium

Sodium is used as salt to add flavor to food it is used to de-ice roads, sidewalks and driveways in the winter it is also used as sodium carbonate as a water softener. When water is referred to as hard that simply means it has more minerals such as calcium and/or magnesium. Hard water can clog pipes and soap and detergent dissolves in it less easily .

3 uses of silver

Silver is used to make jewelry silver ware and mirrors because silver is the best reflector of light.

What would we do without sodium?

If sodium disappeared obviously the price for the table salt we already had would go up. And food would be less salty and flavorful. Roads would be more slippery in the winter which could cause school to close more often but most likely car crashes would occur more often. Also it would be more difficult to wash things and drain water because it would be hard water.

What would we do without silver?

If silver disappeared jewelry made of silver would be much more expensive and would more commonly be made of other materials. Silver table ware would be made of other metals and mirrors would be blurrier because silver is the best reflector of light.


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