Monday Memo


Michael Lisenbery

Hats off to Michael Lisenbery for setting up a printing template to facilitate enrollment later this summer. It's a pretty sweet little system for acquiring student info and emails the scan jobs to the clerk so they can easily find the scan in their email based on info gathered. Can't wait to test it out so it will be ready to go once enrollment hits.

Doug King

Thanks to Doug and company for installing my desk mounting bracket for my display. This will allow me to more easily share my screen for conferences and collaboration.

Jeff Gibson

Pam Hibbs followed procedure and submitted service requests for guest access. The power outage a few weeks has wrecked havoc on the ServicePRO business rules and her ticket was sent somewhere Neverland. Jeff went ahead and ahead and fulfilled the request.

Clint Cobb

Somehow, my mailbox got totally jacked up. Clint helped me fix my mail issues. He essentially had to engage the nuclear option and delete my account and then recreate. Looks like life is good now! Thanks, Clint! Email is absolutely essential and I feel powerless and useless w/o it.

Jason Miranda

Jason testified against a defendant accused of stealing several switches worth around 70K. Jason's testimony resulted in a felony conviction.

Randy Hood/Paul Ashurst

Thanks to these two for restarting the ServicePRO database after hours on Friday....and off site. This is another critical service and used to document and prioritize our work.

IT Governance

Tuesday, April 12th, 9am

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

SolarWinds Demo

Tuesday, April 12th, 2pm

This is an online event.

Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, LA, will demo how they use SolarWinds. Although we use SolarWinds at OKCPS, we may be able gain some insight on how we can better use our modules.

NetVault Whiteboard

Wednesday, April 13th, 3pm

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

We've been a Commvault customer for many years. Unfortunately, the price for basic maintenance increases every year. We're looking at an alternative product to replace our backup solution which will have a lower TCO.

Microsoft SQL Discussion

Friday, April 15th, 1:30pm

This is an online event.

We have been faithful with our purchase and licensing of all server products in use at OKCPS. Unfortunately, we are not compliant with our version of SQL we use in the VMWare environment as we needed to purchase Software Assurance. Had we known, we'd have purchased this all along. Now, Microsoft wants us to pay for our use AND continued usage. SQL Server is no longer a perpetual license, but rather a subscription model. This couldn't have come at a worse time for OKCPS
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By now, you've all heard the news. The entire K-12 education establishment in the State of Oklahoma is in a critical financial crisis. Because of scale, OKCPS and Tulsa Public Schools are taking the brunt of the cuts. On Thursday, the District announced 92 Central Office and administrator positions. This is on top of the 208 teachers positions that were cut a few weeks before. 29 Assistant Principals will be released starting July 1.

Some have asked if it's better to always have a skeleton crew, so that we don't have to take so many cuts when times get lean. The counter to that is that we are always on life support and not able to move the District in a forward and positive direction. Some say it's better to ebb and flow with staff rather than function with a skeleton crew.

In spite of the bad news, it is our duty to continue as best as we are able to support students and teachers. Indeed, it will get worse before it gets better. Do you best! Be positive! Be a team player!