Coyote Chronicle

February 2020 Edition

Leader of the Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for

February 2020.

This month the character trait exemplified by these students was PATIENCE.

Join us in celebrating:

5th Grade

Lucas Grant, Alayna Leek, Mia Acevedo, Mia Hughes, Kayla Horn

6th Grade

Matthew Silvidio, Lillian Martin, Kailey Askins, Ella Simmons, Patrick Mason

7th Grade

Mara Melita, Guadalupe Juarez-Malagon, Julia Lord, Alexandra Corbett

8th Grade

Nolan Gerstenbacher, Ava Schiaffino, Sadie Weil, Zoey Askins, Jillian Robles

Girls Basketball Concludes Excellent Season

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The Mullica Township Girls Basketball team wrapped up one of their best seasons in recent years last week with two big wins over Somers Point and Egg Harbor City in a game played at Cedar Creek High School. Mrs. Rendfrey and I are extremely proud of everything this team has accomplished this season finishing with a record of 9-4, good for a third-place finish in our league. Congratulations to our eighth-grade student-athletes on a great season!

-Coach Richards

NJHS Dodgeball Tournament

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The National Junior Honor Society recently hosted Mullica's 7th annual dodgeball tournament in a fundraising effort. With each team containing 1 teacher and 9 students, it was Mr. Newhall's team besting Mr. Giovannazi's team in the final match of the double-elimination tournament. Congratulations to all participants, NJHS organizers, teachers and spectators for raising close to $1,000!

-Mr. Gerber

Convection Currents

Students in Mr. McLaughlin's 6th-grade science observe that cold water sinks in warm water as an introduction to the convection currents that drive the deep ocean currents.

-Mr. McLaughlin

South Jersey Elementary Honors Band

Congratulations to 6th grader Kendall Caruso and 5th grader River Jones for being accepted into the South Jersey Elementary Honors Band. This band is made up of students from all over South Jersey. They will be performing at the Absegami HS on Saturday, April 25th at 2 pm. Kendall plays the clarinet and River plays the trombone.

-Mrs. Bridge

The Diary of Anne Frank: A Play

In addition to our unit's essential question, our 8th graders analyzed and discussed important themes as they read "The Diary of Anne Frank: A Play" in the form of a drama circle. After each reading, they met with their partner to share their understandings and reactions to each reading. Then, with their group, they participated in collaborative conversations discussing the ways in which Anne, her family, and the Van Daan family responded to the daily challenges and conflicts while hiding for their lives in a small annex for two years. Finally, students shared and posted their biggest "takeaway" from this experience with the following questions in mind: What lessons does the story of Anne Frank have to offer current and future generations? How does the play convey those lessons? What will you remember most from Anne's story? Which details will stay with you, and how might her story influence the way you live your life?

-Mrs. Vanderheyden

Minute To Win It!

"Minute To Win It" has given the students of Mullica a chance to have a little fun! This relay of getting as many cotton balls on your nose(that has Vaseline on the end of it) to a bowl was the funniest one of them all! For something a little more quiet, there is spaghetti and ziti! Simple household items can turn a rainy or cold night for the family into a night of fun!

-Mrs. Pino & Mrs. Leonetti

Line Plot Fractions

5th Grade math students were given index cards with many fractions written on them. Their job was to order them from least to greatest and plot them on a line graph! I was super impressed by how independently they worked! Great job 5th Grade!!!!

-Mrs. Pino

Dodge Ball Fun!

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When a group of boys come to you and say they need a coach for their Dodge Ball Team what do you do?... you say OF COURSE!!!! Fun time with these amazing "Underdogs"! Each boy thanked me so many times for making them shirts and being their coach! KINDNESS goes a LONG WAY!!!

-Mrs. Pino

Stop, Talk, & Walk!

Thanks to Mr. Maher for sharing the Stop, Walk, Talk technique to the 5th grade to help solve problems. 1. STOP- When students experience a problem behavior or they see another student experiencing a problem behavior, they will say, “Stop”. 2. WALK- When students have tried “stop” and the problem behavior continues, they will “Walk Away” from the problem behavior. 3. TALK- Students should “talk” to an adult when they have tried the “stop signal” and “walk away” but the problem behavior continues.

-Mrs. Pino and Mr. Maher

Models of Developmental Stage Homologies

The 8th Graders worked in groups using Play-Doh to create their own Models of Developmental Stage Homologies. Once they constructed their models, the students labeled the different parts.

-Mr. Driscoll & Mrs. Holte

Makin' Bacon

Mr. Hannel's cooking elective continues into the month of February. This month's theme: Breakfast. Pictured are Sean and Airiana hard at work churning out French Toast, bacon, hash browns and more!

-Mr. Hannel

Location. Location. Location.

Mr. Hannel's students begin their Earth Science unit with an overview of our favorite planet, followed by a cross-curricular Science/Math lesson series covering how the Earth is mapped, how distance is calculated using a map scale, and the arrangement of parallel lines of latitude and longitude. We demonstrated the latter firsthand using a balloon as a flexible globe, rulers to keep this as straight as can be, and of course, a great deal of patience.

-Mr. Hannel

Collaborative, Colorful Conversations

After reading an excerpt from "Hitler Youth: Growing up in Hitler’s Shadow" by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, our 8th graders responded to and discussed a series of questions exploring key concepts and theme topics such as power, conformity, individuality, fear, resistance, manipulation, and control.

-Mrs. Vanderheyden and Mrs. Holte

Pyramid Building in Grade 6

Students in 6th grade social studies learned what goes in to building a pyramid. We planned, designed and then experimented with different techniques to make the most solid pyramids.

Mrs. McClaren and Mrs. Rodio

Planning Partners

Working together to learn about gravity.

-Mrs. Leonetti

7th Grade Science

7th-grade students have been learning about reproduction and genetics. Students examined phenotypes and genotypes to better understand how offspring acquire the traits that they have.

-Mrs. Bartling

Happy Feet

The Health office was HAPPY to receive several SHAQ shoe donations to help kids put their best foot forward!

-Nurse Goodrich

Middle School Yearbooks

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This school year will live forever in the pages of the yearbook. Help your student remember friends, classes, fun and more by purchasing a 2020 yearbook today! Middle School Yearbooks can be purchased using the following link:

-Miss. Conaway

MTEA Fundraiser

Support the MTEA Scholarship Fund

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Mark Your Calendar

  • · March 2 - ACES Staff Development Day

    · March 3 - ACES Cycle 3 Begins

    · March 5 - Administrative Detention

    · March 5 - 2nd Grade Family Fitness Night

    · March 11 - Trimester 2 Ends

    · March 12 - Trimester 3 Begins

    · March 12 - 2nd Grade School Trip - Adventure Aquarium

    · March 13 - PTA Designer Bag Bingo

    · March 18 - Board of Education Meeting

    · March 20 - Trimester 2 Report Card Distribution

    · March 25 - PTA Meeting

    · March 26 - Administrative Detention

    · April 2 - Mullica School Gym Show

    · April 7 - Mullica’s Got Talent - Student Talent Show

    · April 10 - April 19 - Spring Break