Sean McDermott


Progeria is a rare genetic disorder that affects the human's skin, eyes, and aging process


Progeria is believed to be passed on by the chromosome 1 and has a chance to mutate. Progeria is a dominant gene.


Studies show/suggest that Progeria may be realated to the age and wieght of the parents. Age of death ranges from seven to 27 years.

Signs and Symptoms

  • appear normal at birth
  • symptoms begin around the first/second year of the childs life
  • skin changes and failure to gain wieght are first
  • eyes- the person with the disorder seems to have abnormal eyes
  • bones - several mutations in the skeletal structure.
  • skin- skin gets dry and wrinkles faster
  • common external findings include aging faster on the outside and skin changes like aging spots

Tests and Treatment

There is no current cure for progeria but there is a medicine like Nitroglycerin that helps slow it down and relaxes fibers in blood vessels


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