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Servco Automotive just sold their 500,000 car and is giving away $250,000 to LOCAL Hawaiian nonprofits. Ho'ola Veteran Services 501(c)3/ Ho'ola Farms would love your support in getting one of the $25,000 in local funds! They will be selecting 10 nominated nonprofits on Dec. 18th so don't delay, please nominate today!! Click here or below.

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We would like to thank you for your consideration in nominating Ho'ola Veteran Services!! These much needed funds will go towards continuing to train veterans and their families in sustainable agriculture practices in 2016!!

Ho'ola Farms:

Ho’ola Farms was established to create a natural agriculture educational training center for veterans, caretakers and their families while providing an atmosphere that is safe and fun for all the community and children (of all ages) to be apart. This unique property is easy to access, located directly off the main highway only 5 miles outside of Hilo Town. Previously farmed conventionally with chemicals aids and fertilizers (unsafe for children).

Ho’ola Farms is converting this land into an alternative farming experience. Over the next few years Ho’ola Farms will be establishing a meandering ¾ mile walking path through a permaculture based food forest overlooking Hilo bay, Mauna Kea and the vast ocean horizon. Nestled amongst the forest walk will be individual member managed plots of various sizes, children play areas, reflection ponds, lunch and rest areas. Unlike most farms, children, families and the community can safely and easily come and be apart and enjoy the abundance of naturally grown, chemical free food that will be produced.

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Ho'ola Veteran Services 501(c)3- Ho'ola Farms