Seventh Grade Newsletter

September 28, 2014

Dear Parents,

Here's the latest news from school!


A big thank you to Mrs. Bamberg for teaching English 7 while Mrs. Garver continues to recuperate at home. The students will continue to study the elements of narrative stories this week. This will culminate in a paper answering the question "How do elements of a story interact?". For example, how does the setting effect the problem in the story? You can find more specific information about the weekly plans on Mrs. Garver's website.
Mrs. Garver's Website

Information for seventh and eighth grade students and their parents.


Students finished their 2nd formative assessment on Friday. This week we will go over the results. If a student needs to retake the assessment, he/she may do so during lunch time on Monday or Wednesday, or Thursday after school from 3:10-4:00pm. This week we will be working on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational numbers. We will have one assessment over adding subtracting rational numbers on Wednesday

. Reminder: the first Summative Assessment will be on Tuesday, October 14th.


Students will be receiving their formative assessment from last Thursday. If necessary, they may retake this during lunch on Monday orWednesday, or Thursday after school. This week, students will be working on the topics of Congruence and Similarity. They will also begin working with special pairs of angles. I anticipate that they will have a formative assessment over congruence and similarity on Thursday.


Volleyball is home Monday vs. Grayling and Wednesday vs. East Jordan.

Football is home Tuesday vs. Kalkaska at 5:00.

Cross Country has a Scavenger Hunt after school on Thursday.

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