4 for 40!!!

Let's Book it Up and Build Your Holiday Display!

Book and Build!

I am SO proud of your hard work in the 12 days of stella campaign!
We are going to keep that momentum going with a fun 4 for 40 incentive!

Here's how it will work!
Our Goal is to add 40 shows to our September and October calendar as a team.
Every time we book 10, we'll raffle off a prize!
You can see the prizes below!
Shows 1-10: Trio Stud Pack!
Shows 11-20: Black & Gold Scarf
Shows 21-30: Black & Gold Cross-Body Wallet
Show 31-40: Single Strap WATCH!

That's right - just for booking ONE show, you could win the new stella & dot Watch!!!
How fun is that?
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HOW to Enter!

You'll find a post on the Stella Nation team page: where you will enter the following to be entered to win!
Shows that 'count' - Shows for September & October booked NEW as of 9/21.
These must be IN HOME trunk shows. Online & Vendor Events do not count for this incentive.
Post the following on the PINNED POST ON OUR TEAM PAGE.
1. Name of NEW trunk show hostess
2. Date of NEW trunk show (9/20-10/31)

Every time we have 10 trunk shows booked, I'll raffle off a prize.
So the sooner you book, the better your chances to win are!
For every show you book, you get another entry!

Where to get started!

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10 ways to kickstart your "Who Do You Know"/Prospecting List!!!

1. Where have you been? Take a look at your day planner/calendar/schedule for the last 3-4 weeks. This is a great way to see where your "circles" of life are. Gym, Yoga, Doctor, School, Work, Spouse's Work, Community Group Meeting, PTA, Kids' After School activities, Book Club. Etc, Etc Etc. This gives you a "view" of your life - have you added at least one person from each of those places/activities to your list? If not, do that NOW. Need more circles? Great way to see that it would benefit you professionally & personally to add some new "life" into your life :)

2. Past Customers. Where to start? Take Your Customer List and Sort by Lifetime Spend. Reach out to those who love S&D the most and help them get what they love this season for free!

3. Past Hostesses from last fall! If they haven't joined as a stylist already! - they should love to host again this season!

4. Out & About! As you are out and about wearing your jewels and bag you need to be ready to be complemented!!

Have your 30 second "commercial" ready by sharing these simple steps. Brainstorm and write down what you will say to share our hostess opportunity, stylist opp and personal styling services. I promise the more you practice the better you get. I find myself practicing everywhere I go (even in the car and the shower!) and was able to get the words down pretty quickly! Also get ready to wear and share it!! I always say when someone compliments me: "Thank you! Have you shopped with Stella & dot before?!"

That always opens it up to lots of dialogue.

Do NOT leave the house without something stella & dot on your body - whether it's earrings or a bag - always be an advertisement for your business!

Don't forget to be armed with your mini or fall look books! Stick a post it note on the back and get the person's contact information to Follow Up! I tend to give them something to "wet their whistle" and then I can follow up with more! The fall is the best selling season of the year and we want to take advantage of it!


Green Lighting... right now look over at the bottom right hand part of your screen when Facebook is open on your computer. You can see who is on line by a little green dot next to their name. I LOVE to send these girls messages while I know they are on.

Hi Amy!
Hope you are doing well!! Love keeping up with you on fb! I also just received my fall samples from S&D and they are gorgeous. Would love to send you a quick video from one of my favorite collections! just take look at this fall image and tell me which one you love the best and Ill send it right away! Thanks!

6. Ask for Referrals! Does your friend have a group you'd love to be connected to? Then ASK to be connected!!!

7. Get out a map! Where is an area you'd love to be? Can you get there? Then reach out and go! Have a trip planned? Take the jewels with you!

I had a friend in an area that I don't do many trunk shows in, and I simply said "Hey - I would absolutely love to do a trunk show in your area! It looks like such a fun group and I've never gotten to come share stella & dot there! Plus I'd love to see YOU - and I can get you a ton of free stella & dot for hosting some friends over. I can come the weekend of X ... would that Saturday or Sunday work for you?"

8. The Chicken List! Yes, that girl. The one that you are sure will say no. The one that is really busy or never wears jewelry. GO REACH OUT TO HER. If you don't ask her, then she can't say yes can she?

9. Fundraisers. This is something to do occasionally because let's face it, it just feels good to give back - look out for those that may need the help. The last three people I have asked have THANKED ME for bringing the idea to them. It's a great way to meet new people and feel good!

10. YOU :) haven't hosted your own show in a while? Reaching out but not getting the bookings you want? Then have a fall open house and show off your stella & dot! Do this with the idea that sales are awesome, but what you want is to BOOK new shows from it!

Why not play a little Hostess Scavenger Hunt?

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Let's Do This!


Lauren Sigler, Senior Director team Stella Nation